the man made {coffee table}

The Man has made many things for our apartment and slowly but surely I will show you them all but I thought I'd start with an all time favorite.

The Man is incredibly creative.  I don't get how he comes up with this stuff half the time.  One day he'll say "Hmmm, we need a new _____" and the next day he'll show me what he's started, and every time it blows my mind.

In this instance it was: "We really need a new coffee table..."
And a few weeks later we were setting our beverages on this bad boy:
This piece is made of MDF. Walnut and Acrylic.  In real life the wood is a lot less red/yellow than it came out in these photos, actually, the whole room is a lot less red/yellow!
The table is so gorgeous and unique, and I love how the center hovers above the ground.  Each side is canted at a different angle so as you walk around it the form is always changing, no side looks alike.
So awesome right!
I recorded a video walking around it so you can see how it all comes together.
(please excuse the quality, it's from my iPhone):

coffee table from Aly Flint on Vimeo.

 I love this piece and everything else in the living room, which you can catch little glimpses of in the video, but don't worry I'll show you all of it, one by one!!!

randolph market festival

Hello All!
The Man and I were pretty productive this weekend.  We.... left the house!!!!!!!!!

We went to the Randolph Street Market Festival, which is an outdoor antique/vintage/handmade/art market with food and music held once a month from May to September.  I had never gone before, although I've been hearing about it for years now, so it was fun to finally check it out.
It was really similar to the Brooklyn Flea (remember when we went last year?).
We walked around for a bit but had to stop for a bite once we passed all the food vendors.  There were some amazing smells wafting around, but as soon as we saw the huge vat of Pulled Pork we knew what we had to do.
It was so delicious that The Man was in an eternal state of thumbs up!
(he wasn't doing it on purpose, but I thought it was hilarious)

After satisfying our stomachs we went searching for our friends.  First we ran into the lovely ladies of Lost Girls Vintage.
Out friend Sarah and her partner Kyla re-vamped this awesome camper van and travel around selling their vintage wares.  Their RV is named Winnie, and she's a lovely shade of orange with chevron stripes and inside they've fitted her with clothing racks, shoes shelves and even a dressing room!
Not to mention all the other merchandise they display on racks and tables outside of Winnie. (So many bags!!)
(Sarah, Kyla, Me!)

 We said our goodbyes to Sarah and Kyla and just a few steps later we found Brett!
Brett Whitacre is a fantastic artist.  I first saw his pieces 4 years ago when I was working with his wonderful wife Kate. He uses reclaimed objects like old windows and suitcases and spray paints images on them.  I love his window pieces.  I've seen people try to paint in this technique (painting on the back of the window so you're creating your image in reverse) but for most people the image always comes out flat and dull.  Brett's window paintings and have so much color and detail and humor, I want one!!! 
After we saw Brett we decided it was time to head back home to Geoffrey to cool down for the day.

mani monday

Happy Monday Dudes and Dudettes!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! The Man and I went to Randolph Market Festival on Sunday and had some fun in the over-heating sun, which I'll tell you all about tomorrow. But for now here are this weeks nails:
This week I did little bouquets.  I wasn't too pleased with how it came out so I decided not to finish (which is why you only see one hand in this post).  But I figured out what I'm going to do next week and I'm reeeeally excited!
Talk to you tomorrow!

doodle day

Whenever I have a free moment I try to doodle, whether it's using a pen, pencil, paint or pixlr.  So I thought I'd start a new weekly post called "doodle day" where I post one of my drawings, cute, funny, strange or otherwise.

Today's doodle was drawn with pen:

I've wanted to paint silk scarfs for about 3 years now and I almost have all the supplies. 
How would you like to wear this pool doodle around your neck?

it ain't over till the fat lady... puts on coat

Summer is still going strong!
It cooled down for a while but this week we're back up to 80's and 90's, so it's time to break out the shorty shorts and procure some icy treats!

Which brings me toooo...
Popsicle Nails!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

destination: procrastination-station

When you're as Lazy as I am, procrastination doesn't follow too far behind.  I can't tell you how many papers were written the night before they were due or art projects were hung up still wet with paint.  At times I can motivate myself, but for the most part all projects and "to-do's" just fall by the wayside.
I am good at starting things, making the first move or collecting the supplies.  I can't begin to tell you how many projects I am prepared to do, or how many are almost done.  It's those last little steps that get me every time.

Remember the assignment? Remember how excited I was? How I had this huge list of creative projects and how I was going to show you the final piece when I was finished? Yeah... It's basically done, but the paper ended up being too thick for the frame, so now it's just sitting there, haphazardly.

Remember those chairs? Remember how excited I was? How I was going to teach myself upholstery and those chairs were the first step? Yeah.... They're almost finished, I just need to buy foam, but who knows when that will happen.

Remember wishful wednesdays? Remember how excited I was? How I was going to post one every week and chronicle my dream home aspirations?  Yeah... Those take a lot of research, and I'm tired.

Remember this post you're reading right now? Yeah... I started it a week ago, and now I don't remember my point.

I've told you many, many, many, many, many, many times that I'm going to whip myself into shape, and do things.  But let's be honest, we're all lucky I have the motivation to do my nails every week, let alone finish a craft or art project I've started!

So, here's my new point (since I can't remember the original point), I think it's time to post the "in-progress." If I keep waiting to show you projects when they're finished you'll never see anything.  Like our apartment, The Man has made some beautiful furniture, and even though the rooms aren't finished (or clean for that matter) you need to see them!!

Yeah! I'm going to go home and take some pictures!!

...or maybe I'll wait until the weekend when the lighting is better... hmmm.

mani monday

Happy Monday Y'All!

The weekend is over, and once again I'm already looking forward to the next.  Here are this weeks nails:
I decided to go simple this week, so I did a jaggedy pattern using Fiji by Essie and Chick Flick Cherry by OPI

mani monday {shark week!}

Happy Monday Everyone!

We had another friend-filled fantastic weekend.  On Saturday we went out to dinner for a friends birthday, and on Sunday we drove out to the Indiana dunes with our friends Maria and Daily. It was so fun!  I feel like The Man and I have really been taking advantage of the nice weather this summer.  Normally we just sit around the house but this year we've been doing so many things outside...  I love it!

Ok, on to this week's nails.  As I'm sure many of you know, today is the first day of Discovery channel's annual Shark Week. I don't watch much of it myself, but I just couldn't pass up the chance to celebrate it.
 SHARK NAILS!! Aren't they terrifying!!

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