the man made {coffee table}

The Man has made many things for our apartment and slowly but surely I will show you them all but I thought I'd start with an all time favorite.

The Man is incredibly creative.  I don't get how he comes up with this stuff half the time.  One day he'll say "Hmmm, we need a new _____" and the next day he'll show me what he's started, and every time it blows my mind.

In this instance it was: "We really need a new coffee table..."
And a few weeks later we were setting our beverages on this bad boy:
This piece is made of MDF. Walnut and Acrylic.  In real life the wood is a lot less red/yellow than it came out in these photos, actually, the whole room is a lot less red/yellow!
The table is so gorgeous and unique, and I love how the center hovers above the ground.  Each side is canted at a different angle so as you walk around it the form is always changing, no side looks alike.
So awesome right!
I recorded a video walking around it so you can see how it all comes together.
(please excuse the quality, it's from my iPhone):

coffee table from Aly Flint on Vimeo.

 I love this piece and everything else in the living room, which you can catch little glimpses of in the video, but don't worry I'll show you all of it, one by one!!!

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