Holy Guacamole!

It's my 2 year workiversary and my 1 year bolgiversary.
How the heck did that happen?

It's hard to tell where the time went.  One year ago today I wrote this post. I still feel the way I did then, I've been a little better at pushing myself to be creative in my personal time, but still there's something missing. A feeling of self-satisfaction? Of accomplishment? Or maybe just the ability to believe it when I tell myself there will be more than this. You get a little disillusioned when you sit in a florescent lit box for too long. I know I have to change something, but where do you even begin?

I'm still excited about this blog, and I still feel (as I said back in July) that it is a great motivator.  But I need to take it further. It's so easy to come home, sink into the couch and stare at a screen all night, and it's so easy to sleep the weekends away. Seriously, So. Easy. But I really have got to get my patootie off this couch and do something productive with my time (yes dad, you've been right all along).

I have so many ideas running though my head but I'm always putting things on hold until there's more time, space, money, and so on in the never ending list of excuses.  I'm somehow frozen by the fear that this is it, that I've found my career . . . and it's beige.

The funny part is how common these feelings are.  Just about everyone goes through it and, for the most part, gets past it.  I read at least one story a week about someone clawing their way out of the depths of their cubicle. It's frustrating being in the middle of a problem and knowing the possible solution but not being able to bring yourself to the execution.  All it takes is doing. But it's so much easier to sit. I've been a sitter for almost 25 years. So, what's it going to take to get me to stand up?

. . .  welcome to a quarter life crisis

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