wishful wednesdays {kitchen appliances}

This post is the first of many more "wishful wednesdays" (which I will wishfully keep on top of).  One thing this Lazy Lady does best is fantasize about the future.  I'm not very good at living "in the now," I'm always thinking about the next recipe we should make, or couch we should buy, or city we'll live in, or job I could have, and where we'll be in 1, 3, 5, or 15 years.  It's not really the healthy way to live, buuuut sometimes I come up with some really great futures.

A little over a year ago Andrew sent me a text, it was just a website link followed by "you'll love this."  He was right, and now I have a place to get the refrigerator for my dream kitchen.

Elmira Stove Works sells 1950's and 1850's style kitchen appliances.  I'm all about the 1950's, if I could be a house wife wearing a dress in a fun print with a large pleated skirt baking some muffins in my Robin's Egg Blue oven I'd be in heaven, (but all in the 21st century of course, I like voting and voicing my opinions, yadda, yadda, yadda).  With this website and a few grand in hand, at least half of my dreams can come true . . .
did you hear that? It sounded like an angel choir.

Freezer on the bottom is the way to go these days, having the "crisper drawer" at eye level will hopefully let less veggies go bad.  The company that makes these great pieces is Northstar, they have refrigerators, ranges, range hoods, just about everything.  I was really on board for the whole stainless steal craze, they are nice and clean looking.  Then I found out that they repel magnets and (unless they're brushed) get all finger printy, Lame! What's a refrigerator without family photos and a good report card?? I've now come to my senses and have accepted that I'm a girl who loves color and there is no way around it.

Look at some of these kitchens with some great 50's colorful appliances


1957 Orange Kitchen!

Some from real 1950's kitchens!

1956 GE Wall Refrigerator

Something else that should exist again . . . cabinet refrigerator! Everything would be at eye level. How Cool!!!

While looking up photos for this post I also found a company called Big Chill.  It's a company in Boulder, CO started by an uncle and his nephew, and they also make some great stuff (they just need to get on that freezer on the bottom thang).

I just love the Robin's Eggs Blue color.

This is one color that Northstar does not have.  This orange against the green tile is absolutely beautiful.  One day I will have the money and the house, but I don't think I'll ever be able to make a solid choice on the color I want.

How about you? Are you all about the clean lines and shinny surfaces of stainless steal, or do these pictures get you excited about a kitchen remodel?  Which color would you choose? Buttercup yellow? Mint green? Candy red? or my possible fav, Robin's Egg Blue!!
Tell me, I wanna know!


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