randolph market festival

Hello All!
The Man and I were pretty productive this weekend.  We.... left the house!!!!!!!!!

We went to the Randolph Street Market Festival, which is an outdoor antique/vintage/handmade/art market with food and music held once a month from May to September.  I had never gone before, although I've been hearing about it for years now, so it was fun to finally check it out.
It was really similar to the Brooklyn Flea (remember when we went last year?).
We walked around for a bit but had to stop for a bite once we passed all the food vendors.  There were some amazing smells wafting around, but as soon as we saw the huge vat of Pulled Pork we knew what we had to do.
It was so delicious that The Man was in an eternal state of thumbs up!
(he wasn't doing it on purpose, but I thought it was hilarious)

After satisfying our stomachs we went searching for our friends.  First we ran into the lovely ladies of Lost Girls Vintage.
Out friend Sarah and her partner Kyla re-vamped this awesome camper van and travel around selling their vintage wares.  Their RV is named Winnie, and she's a lovely shade of orange with chevron stripes and inside they've fitted her with clothing racks, shoes shelves and even a dressing room!
Not to mention all the other merchandise they display on racks and tables outside of Winnie. (So many bags!!)
(Sarah, Kyla, Me!)

 We said our goodbyes to Sarah and Kyla and just a few steps later we found Brett!
Brett Whitacre is a fantastic artist.  I first saw his pieces 4 years ago when I was working with his wonderful wife Kate. He uses reclaimed objects like old windows and suitcases and spray paints images on them.  I love his window pieces.  I've seen people try to paint in this technique (painting on the back of the window so you're creating your image in reverse) but for most people the image always comes out flat and dull.  Brett's window paintings and have so much color and detail and humor, I want one!!! 
After we saw Brett we decided it was time to head back home to Geoffrey to cool down for the day.


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