motivational jealousy

What motivates you? Do you ever have those moments of clarity where you have a sudden desire to improve your life either through exercise or social events or creative endeavors ... Of course they rarely come to fruition, but there are moments where you suddenly think anything is possible if you just get going.

Every once in a long while I have these moments, episodes, where I suddenly have a strong desire to improve my life and I have a clear view of what will make it better.  And, as much as I'd hate to admit it, it's normally spurred by the success of someone I know or once knew… or I guess I should say, the envy of their success. The other day I had a moment on the train where I couldn't stop thinking of what I could do to get "back on track" if you will. Go use that gym membership I've been paying for for three years, start printing or drawing or painting or just anything remotely creative because Jesus Aly don’t let those student loans be for nothing! Then I realized what brought this on.

A couple
of extremely talented people I went to High School with are doing very well. 

The two of them have been in an ever evolving string of bands since Senior year, each new ensemble makes me simultaneously nostalgic for the previous iteration and overtaken with enthusiasm for the next.  For a while now they have been Wild Ones.  I absolutely love their music, and after a bit of silence they’ve created a new album. “Keep it Safe.” The album itself is not out yet but one track is. It has an awesome music video (directed by another talented alumni) and, oh yeah, it was featured as an exclusive premier on IFC’s website.  

How amazing is that? They are really getting out there and I am incredibly happy for them, but there’s also this other feeling, this juvenile, tacky, “I want what they have!” feeling. 

From now on I think I’ll call it Motivational Jealousy.

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