the assignment

So last Tuesday I completed step-one of my assignment.  When The Man and I were talking about my misuse of internet inspiration, he decided to give me an assignment.  I was to create a list of 25 creative projects that I could possibly complete in 2 days (a.k.a. a weekend).  They didn't have to all be a piece of art, just as long as I was using the creative side of my brain and not just sitting on the couch all weekend long.

After the list was complete I was told to put it away and not look at it until the next day.

Wednesday's assignment:
Take the list back out and cross off 5 things, don't over think it, just 5 that you aren't as excited about as the others.  Put the list away again.

Thursday's assignment:
Take the list back out and cross off 10 things.  Seriously, try not to over think it, even though you over-analyze Put the list away.

Friday's assignment:
Take the list back out and cross off all but 1. By now you probably new which one you were going to choose, you've been thinking about it for the past 3 days, and you're actually excited.  After work go get any supplies you will need so there will be no excuses when you wake up on Saturday.
I love making lists, so this assignment was actually super fun, and what's great is now I have a whole slew of stuff to do... when I finish what I'm working on right now. 

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  1. We'll miss the weekly ramblings (precious little insights that we gobble up like ravenous piggies) But you go girl!!! And correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't there be "Paint my dad a picture" somewhere on that list?


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