love day 2016

It's been a week since The Man and I celebrated Valentines Day with a fancy dinner and a heart shaped card (the dinner was his present to me, the card was my present to him….yeah he got gypped).

We dined at our favorite spot in Portland, Old Salt Market.  It's a delicious butcher turned restaurant with great starters and amazing steaks.  We've gone many times since moving here and it's always been stellar, but last week we sat down and asked for the specials (i.e. the steaks) and our waitresses response was "we're out."  I looked and The Man and saw his heart sink, we tried some other entrees, (which have been great in the past) but it just wasn't our night.
I have always wanted to do these simple heart nails but I never had the nail shape to pull it off (it just doesn't work with square nails).  So I was pretty excited this year when Valentines Day rolled around and my nails were as pointy as ever!
Besides the fact that they are cute and classy they are also insanely easy to do.  You don't even need tiny paint brushes or any fancy supplies, just the brush from the bottle of red polish you're using!

P.S.  Look at how cute my engagement ring is with my nails!!!!!

2015 christmas nails 2.0

One day left! How are you going to spend your last day of 2015?

Andrew and I will be spending time with our friend Tim who's visiting from the East Coast (and who we are trying to convince to move to Portland once he's done with grad school!)
We have 2 parties to attend on New Years Eve and I'm a little nervous we won't be able to get a cab and go to party #2, but we shall see!

As promised here are my second set of Christmas nails for 2015...
Trees, Snowmen, and chubby Polar Bear faces!
These turned out so cute!!
The thumbs are by far my favorite part, I think next year I'll just do a whole set of polar bear faces wearing funny hats.
Happy Holidays Everyone!
See you next year!!!

christmas wreath nails

Christmas Eve is tomorrow!!!
Are your presents wrapped and ready for giving?
We're staying in Portland for the Holidays this year, and for the first time in 10 years I live in the city that I will be celebrating in! No holiday travel! How exciting! 
These are my first of 2 sets of Christmas nails for 2015.
Candy Cane Stripes and Christmas Wreaths.
I love how the little white bows turned out!
Have a Very Merry Holiday Season everyone!!


Thanksgiving was over 2 weeks ago already! and Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! What happened to this year? The Man and I have barely begun to shop for x-mas gifts and time is running out!

We had 3 Thanksgivings this year, 2 in Portland with various family members and our traditional Thanksgiving in southern California on the actual day.  It was beautiful and fun as always and also as always I waited until the night before we left to paint my nails...
So to cut down on stress I went with a simple "thankful" on my finger nails and spent most of my time working on the little cooked turkeys on my thumbs
I added shading and a little bit of greenery on the plate and they turned out pretty nice!
Now on to the Christmas nails......

nautical nails

A few weeks back The Man and I went to a fancy Connecticut wedding, it was at a Yacht Club and everything

So as a nod to the little boating town we were staying in I went with nautical themed nails

It was rainy and windy the whole time we were there so I only got a few pictures (you can actually see the raindrops on the nails if you look close!).
We got back home and things got busy, but I managed to take a few more pictures before they chipped.  I was actually quite surprised how long they lasted, it was about 2 weeks!!

halloween nails 2015

spooky ghosts and spider webs!  this years Halloween nails:
We had a fun and busy Halloween weekend.  We had a friend in town and a costume party to go to, so to make it easy on ourselves we used an old standby...Lumberjacks!
I feel like any costume looks better when you have multiple people dressed the same.

We didn't know the guy in the background, but it was pretty hilarious that we all had the same idea (although he had an actual hatchet....which became a little nerve wracking once everyone started to drink a little more!)

new job nails

I’m employed!!
It’s almost 3 weeks since I started my new job.  It was crazy being unemployed for so long after leaving my last job to move to Portland.  I was so happy to have so much free time, but the lack of income was starting to make me queasy! My new job is at ZGF, it’s an architecture firm in downtown Portland.

I wanted to do some I’m-excited-I’m-finally-employed-again nails, so I painted office supplies on my nails.  I was planning on re-doing the stapler (I don’t think it’s recognizable enough and it should be flipped the other direction to match the other supplies) but of course life happened and they’ve stayed as they were. (also the notebook should be shaded in white… maybe next time)

oregon trail nails

Sorry for the month long hiatus but The Man and I have moved to Protland, OR!!!

It's been a along time coming but after 10 years (11 for The Man) it was finally time to leave the Windy City for a rainy one.  We are extremely excited and equally terrified of what this new adventure has in store for us.

What with packing, going away/birthday parties, job searches, a 10 day road trip, and moving into a new apartment there has been no time for blogging, but on the trip I did manage to paint my nails in a very trip appropriate theme…
Oregon Trail nails!

Do you remember the 90's computer game Oregon Trail?  You got in your covered wagon and tried to make it across the country to Oregon while shooting buffalo and watching your travel partners die of dysentery along the way.  It was great!
My left hand was painted with the imagery that would always be at the top of the screen.  A simple digital image of your wagon and the river you would eventually try (and fail) to ford.
My right hand is my favorite! Lining each side would be little buttons that would represent things like money, guide, eating, etc. The ones I painted are sleep, hunting and navigation.

These were so fun to paint, I used to love this game and would always play it in Elementary School.

red & blue flowers mani

I had a wonderfully lazy holiday weekend, and The Man worked away at the shop.  Great for me, not so much for him, but we did manage to squeeze in some hang-out time with Hamburgers and Ice Cream!
I wanted to do some lose painterly flowers but once I started the outlining it became quite the opposite!
The background color is OPI - Kyoto Pearl, it's a nice silvery pearlescent shade.
I didn't do Memorial Day nails but I thought these blue and red flowers count for some patriotism!

it's stufest y'all!

It's the great Stu Flint's Birthday, you know what to do!

Grab a Frosty Beverage
Find a shady spot and 
Do  ab-so-lute-ly  Nothin'!

Hit it Pop!!
Happy Birthday! You're the best dad any girl could ask for, and I can't wait to celebrate Stufest in person soon!!

Love you!

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