mani monday

Did you have a good weekend?

We were very social this weekend, which is pretty unusual for our normal hermit selves. We even tried to catch a glimpse of the air and water show but the Sunday show was cancelled due to poor visibility (the Blue Angels were practicing downtown all week while I was at work…it was terrifying!!!)

For this weeks nails I painted a little turtle pond…
I bought some new detail brushes recently so I've been practicing super thin lines and outlines, these were fun to do, but took forever!!  And for some reason as hard as I tried I couldn't get any clear photos of them.

doodle day

Yay it's Friday!

Here's a little doodle I drew from a photo I found on one of my favorite blogs...

quatrefoil mani

Well, I missed Monday!
This week flew by, and so did July! I know everyone is saying this, but... can you believe it's already August?!?

This summer has been really mild here in Chicago, I've been wearing sweaters and leggings and turning on my space heater everyday at work (although that's more because they love to blast the aircon in the office). It feels as though the summer never started and now it's almost over!

I was feeling pretty lazy on Sunday when I went to do my nails so I stuck to this quatrefoil/lattice pattern.  It looks detailed but it's actually super easy!
 It's just a series of dots with dots on top.
Next week I promise something a little more exciting...and hopefully on time for the usual "mani monday"
Have a great weekend!!!!

mani monday

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, although if it was anything like mine, it definitely wasn't long enough (and it never is).

This week's nails are bright and fruity!
Grapes! (that were meant to be Raspberries!)  
And Watermelon thumbs!!!!!!

doodle day

Wow it's been a long time since I've posted a doodle.

I can't believe it's almost August!  This year is just flying by and each moment feels so busy but when I take a step back it doesn't seem like anything is getting done.  I recently took a look at that "goals" post from the beginning of the year, and although I have barely accomplished or started any of them (i.e. none, not a single one) reading it reminded me not to feel so guilty when things don't happen the way I planned.

I still do want to create photo albums of the last 4 (almost 5 AHHHHH!!) years with The Man, and use my studio more, and exercise, like, at all, and I can, and I will, but I'm a lazy procrastinating couch potato and I just have to take it one step at a time.  Trying to do everything all at once is overwhelming, and then nothing gets done.  So here's the first step back into being productive.....

Goal #3 - Post one doodle a week:
Today doodle is the classic combination of pencil on post-it:

easy peasy mac and cheesy.


Today is my wonderful beautiful Mom's birthday!
Rebeccakah is now upon us!

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you and miss you like crazy!

happy 4th

Happy Independence Day!!!

We're spending this weekend in sunny beautiful San Diego.  Our friends are getting married tomorrow and the rest of our trip we'll be with family.

Here are my Fourth of July nails...
This year I did the traditional flag nails, but I also painted rocket popsicles and put some star sequins on blue and red gradient nails.
This is my favorite holiday to do nails art for.  I've had such a blast every year trying to think of something new. Like last years' American BBQ nails.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with hamburgers and fireworks!!

wildflower nails

Hello All!

How's your week going so far?
I'm really excited about tomorrow! My work is having it's "Summer Outing" (i.e. get out of work at noon and day drink together) at Little Goat.  I've been to Girl and the Goat and it was amazing, so I can't wait to try some snacks at Stephanie Izard's Diner.

For this week's nails I went all floral!
I started out designing these nails for a SallyHansen contest.  For May, June and July they're having a nail art contest.  I missed May, but I thought I'd try for June and July.  The "theme" for June is "Liquid Mani-A: texture, shine, matte and embellishments"  So my plan was to add some rhinestones, highlight the flowers with glitter and paint a matte top-coat over them...
Well, I got as far as rhinestones.  I tried a matte top-coat and it just didn't look right.  Sometimes following a theme just doesn't work.
After doing the flower last week I was excited to try some more free-hand florals, and I think these turned out pretty nice.
What do you think?

gingham nails

Sorry i've been a little quiet these days.  Do you ever have those weeks where every night you come home completely exhausted? No matter how difficult or easy my day has been i'm just so tired at the end of the day.  I'm trying to get into a better sleeping pattern, and breaking out Geoffrey has really helped us sleep through the heat.

This week I've kept it simple with blue gingham and a little flower
Painting the flower was really fun and a lot easier than I had expected.
Have a great week guys!

alypalooza nails

Happy Alypalooza!!!

My birthday was on Wednesday and it's been a great birthday so far!  We had some wonderful friends in town on Monday and Tuesday and tomorrow night The Man and I are going out on a birthday date. I can't wait!

Here are this years Alypalooza nails:
There was so much going on this week that I wasn't able to do my nails before the big day, but it's Alypalooza so I've got plenty of time to celebrate!!
I'm really happy with how these turned out.  The thumb is a slice of cake (funfetti to be precise) and on the rest of the nails is a pink cake with number candles and party bunting! 
Have a great weekend everybody!!
Eat a sweet treat, be a couch potato and celebrate Alypalooza!

p.s. Each "Alypalooza" has a link to a different year's post! Take a trip through birthday nails past by clicking on them all :)!
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