Today is my wonderful beautiful Mom's birthday!
Rebeccakah is now upon us!

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you and miss you like crazy!

happy 4th

Happy Independence Day!!!

We're spending this weekend in sunny beautiful San Diego.  Our friends are getting married tomorrow and the rest of our trip we'll be with family.

Here are my Fourth of July nails...
This year I did the traditional flag nails, but I also painted rocket popsicles and put some star sequins on blue and red gradient nails.
This is my favorite holiday to do nails art for.  I've had such a blast every year trying to think of something new. Like last years' American BBQ nails.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with hamburgers and fireworks!!

wildflower nails

Hello All!

How's your week going so far?
I'm really excited about tomorrow! My work is having it's "Summer Outing" (i.e. get out of work at noon and day drink together) at Little Goat.  I've been to Girl and the Goat and it was amazing, so I can't wait to try some snacks at Stephanie Izard's Diner.

For this week's nails I went all floral!
I started out designing these nails for a SallyHansen contest.  For May, June and July they're having a nail art contest.  I missed May, but I thought I'd try for June and July.  The "theme" for June is "Liquid Mani-A: texture, shine, matte and embellishments"  So my plan was to add some rhinestones, highlight the flowers with glitter and paint a matte top-coat over them...
Well, I got as far as rhinestones.  I tried a matte top-coat and it just didn't look right.  Sometimes following a theme just doesn't work.
After doing the flower last week I was excited to try some more free-hand florals, and I think these turned out pretty nice.
What do you think?

gingham nails

Sorry i've been a little quiet these days.  Do you ever have those weeks where every night you come home completely exhausted? No matter how difficult or easy my day has been i'm just so tired at the end of the day.  I'm trying to get into a better sleeping pattern, and breaking out Geoffrey has really helped us sleep through the heat.

This week I've kept it simple with blue gingham and a little flower
Painting the flower was really fun and a lot easier than I had expected.
Have a great week guys!

alypalooza nails

Happy Alypalooza!!!

My birthday was on Wednesday and it's been a great birthday so far!  We had some wonderful friends in town on Monday and Tuesday and tomorrow night The Man and I are going out on a birthday date. I can't wait!

Here are this years Alypalooza nails:
There was so much going on this week that I wasn't able to do my nails before the big day, but it's Alypalooza so I've got plenty of time to celebrate!!
I'm really happy with how these turned out.  The thumb is a slice of cake (funfetti to be precise) and on the rest of the nails is a pink cake with number candles and party bunting! 
Have a great weekend everybody!!
Eat a sweet treat, be a couch potato and celebrate Alypalooza!

p.s. Each "Alypalooza" has a link to a different year's post! Take a trip through birthday nails past by clicking on them all :)!

black and gold

Hello there!
I know I'm a little late, buutttt... Happy Memorial Day!
We had a great long weekend filled with friends and lots of BBQed meats.

Here are this weeks nails...
black and gold, with a flag on one nail and gold leaf triangles on the rest.
Enjoy the rest of your week!

stufest mani

Happy Stufest Everyone!!
It's still going strong so go lay on your lawn!

To honor the man of the hour (or more like the man of the 2 weeks... that's the approximate length of Stufest) I've painted a lazy day on my nails...
A blue sky, a cold beer, a good book and a relaxing seat in the shady grass.
I love you tons pop!!

stufest 2014!

Happy Birthday Daddio!
and a Happy Stufest to all!

By now most of you should know what I'm referring to (just in case you don't you can look here, and here).  These are the days to celebrate the Stupendous Stu Flint! Grab a frosty beverage, find a sunny spot, lay back and do absolutely nothin'!  Doesn't that sound like a fantastic way to spend the day?
Most anyone who knows my dad, knows what a wonderful man he is.  No one could ever compare to the sweet, loving, hilarious and amazing talented man who raised me (sorry Morning Man).
I'll never be as good a lyricist as my dear ol' dad,
but here's a little ditty for the man who made me me:

A wiz in the kitchen
His baked goods are bitchin'
He has comforted me
Ever since I was wee
His stories are the best
To have him I am blessed
He's my dad, that's what I said
We're connected in the head

I love you so so much, and though nothing can beat last years surprise, I hope you know how much you mean to me.

mani monday

Happy Monday Y'all!

We've been in New York this weekend and it's been a blast!
It's such a fun place to visit.

Last year when we came out to NY I painted a skyline on my nails, so this year I wanted to do something a little less predictable…
Ghostbusters Nails!!!!

I spent way too long on these bad boys, but it was a lot of fun to do, and totally worth it.
I've got the logo, the stay puft marshmallow man, slimer, the statue of liberty (with ghostbuster's in her hat playing some lovin' tunes), and a river of pink goo running down the subway tunnels.
I'm pretty proud of these ones, I think they might be some of the best yet!

We go back home tomorrow, and I am excited to sleep in my own bed, but I'll really miss our wonderful New York friends and their busy city.

bits of the weekend

Hello you!

It's been a busy week, and there are no signs of it slowing down!
Over the weekend we had a friend in town and it was The Man's birthday.  We had a party on Saturday and it was wonderful.  Sometimes I forget how many great friends we have here in Chicago.

I made Salted Caramel Blackberry Brownies in lieu of a birthday cake, and it was scarfed down so quickly when I went to take a photo this is what was left:
I used this recipe for the caramel and even though I halved it I made way too much.  So by the end of the night everyone was eating spoonfuls of caramel, straight from the bowl.

With all the hub-bub this weekend I wasn't able to do my nails the way I had planned. So here is the simple design i'm rockin' right now:
Suuuuuper simple

We fly to New York on Friday so I'll be doing my NYC nails later this week.  I'm really excited to show then to you, I have an awesome idea!

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