spring … ish

Friday was the first day of Spring.  It was beautiful outside, the snow was gone, the boots were put away and I hadn't worn my puffy winter coat in a week. Glorious!

I woke up on Saturday morning wanting some fun spring nails and painted these.
Then we woke up Monday morning and BOOM! Snow! Terrible, terrible snow.  Inches and inches of snow.


But at least these nails are reminding me that warm days are coming, I just have to hold on a little bit longer.

st. patrick's day 2015

So, just as I said we would in Thursday's post, we went out last weekend.  And now that we've done the whole Chicago St. Paddy's Day bar crawl celebration insanity I don't think we'll ever need to do it again.  To quote Roger Murtaugh "I'm [getting] too old for this shit!"
I like the way these nails turned out but they didn't come through in pictures very well.  The photo below is a better depiction of the true color of the green.
For the four fingers I did a quick gradient and then added some gold leaf specks. For the thumbs I was going for a rainbow gradient but not all the colors showed up, and then added little shamrock for some Paddy's day flair.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

spots on spot

It's warming up and the snow is melting!
To put an extra pep in my step I used bright, slightly translucent colors in this cute little animals mani.
These were fun and simple to do, and I think they came together really well!
I tried not to put too much thought into the pops of color, I planned ahead a little because I wanted some of the animals to have color spots where their noses are, but for the rest I just picked a polish and plopped a spot.
I really like how the thumbs came out, with the cat and dog together.

Have a great weekend folks!!
Our friends have convinced us to go out for St. Patty's day this year, and I'm terrified.  Normally we stay in our house to avoid the drunk people who are falling into the street as early as 9am, it'll be the first time in 5 years that either of us has gone out, so wish us luck!

stripey lines mani

Super stripey!   These nails started out being just lines on the dark blue background, but after I finished they seemed boring, so I added the white and now I really like them!
Doing random patterns is always fun.  There's no rhyme or reason, and it doesn't have to look exactly like anything so making mistakes is ok.

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