by request

This is our Monster Robot Air-Conditioner: 
I think I'll call him Jeffery,
after my favorite t.v. butler.

-brownie points if you know what show I'm talking about :)

UPDATE : I got totally schooled by Binks! It's Geoffrey not Jeffery!
Oops, next time I'll do better fact checking.


  1. If its the show I'm thinking of it should be spelled Geoffrey. "G" for short :)

  2. Wow it takes a Videroo Tele-mahandi to top a Videroo Tele-mahandi
    "...smell ya later...,"

  3. You're totally right!! I'm going to have to put in an update :)

  4. Hey Aly,

    I saw your comment on Cup of Jo about making friends and i thought I'd stop by and say hello....Why? well I went to art college too and I'm totally into crafts etc! PLUS I've always wanted to visit Chicago! I'm living in Ireland and I hope thsi doesnt seem creepy or anything!! :)

    Rebecca -

    1. Hi Rebecca!
      It's not creepy at all :). I loved that article on Cup of Jo, (although I love every article she posts about, I think it's the only time I ever read the New Yorker or the New York Times). Are you from Ireland? I've always wanted to visit both Ireland and Scotland, my best friend moved to England a couple of years ago and it would be so fun to go visit her and then do a little tour, (but hot-damn is it expensive!!).

      p.s. I popped over to your blog, your cards are so cute!!!


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