halloween mani ~ it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown

I'm super super proud of these ones!
I was wracking my brain trying to come up with an idea for Halloween nails that I haven't done in the past. Then my mom commented "Holly Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" on the photo of me sitting on that gigantic pumpkin and I thought "Yes! Of Course! I'll paint 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' nails. Genius!!!"

So thanks ma!
My favorites are Snoopy on the pumpkin and the Linus nail.  Lucy as a witch gave me the most trouble and I'm still not completely satisfied with it, but there's only so much fixin' you can do before it's just time to move on.
I'm usually not one to toot my own horn, but these turned out so good! So TOOOT TOOOOOOOT!
 Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

halloween mani {week one}

It's Halloween Nails time!!!

Here's week one,
Skeletons and Cobwebs, spooky spooky spooky!!!
This past weekend we went to a pumpkin patch, it's probably my favorite part of living in the mid-west.  We've gone for the past three years and each year we pick a different location.

It's always a bit of a drive (all the good ones are at least an hour away) but it's totally worth it.  This year we went to Bengston's, I was a little disappointed when I realized they didn't have an actual pumpkin patch (last year we went to Siegel's where you take a hayride out to a pumpkin field and the pumpkins are still attached to the ground!) but they did have pig races, a Fun Slide and camel rides… so I guess that made up for it.
 I even climbed up on a pumpkin that weighed 1692.5 pounds!!! (with a little help from The Man)
(Doesn't this look like a stock photo?)
Sorry for the picture overload, I really like these ones :)

polka dots and roses mani

I know it's October and it's time for Halloween nails, but I'm not quite ready to admit defeat and give in to these cold blustery fall days.  So here are some yellow polka dots and roses!
Have a great weekend everyone!
The Man and I are going pumpkin patching on Saturday and I can't wait!
Corn mazes, Hayrides, and Apple cider donuts! Bucket loads of Midwest fun!

doodle day

Today's doodle is a pencil/pixlr combo:
This doodle is based off a photo from Keiko Lynn's instagram.  She is one of my favorite people to doodle (see here and here).  She has a blog with great make up tutorials and outfit posts, and I just love her style.

When I use pixlr I save my doodle as I go (since it's online if the site crashes everything you've done is gone), so I decided to put together a little gif....

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