Today is my 1 year jobiversary.  One year ago today I started working in this office, I was so excited I finally snagged the kind of job I wanted.  Yep, my dream job was doing administrative work in a cubicle.  In the past year I've climbed to the top of the 2 person ladder, gained a lot more responsibilities (office administrator, office manager, and personal assistant to the principal attorney), and I've learned a lot. 

A few months ago I finally had a epiphany.  After earning a BFA at one of the top 3 art colleges in the US, I actually want a job that is a little more creative. . .  I never said it was a brilliant epiphany.  You'd think I would have come to this realization 17 years ago in elementary school, when I would finish other kids' art projects for them, and get upset when the art "lesson" (painting on paper plates) would be replaced by math, because everyone was behind on their times tables.  Instead it took me 1 year at a desk.

Now, I'm no dummy.  I'm not going to go quit my job and work as a studio artist.  I've never been delusional enough to think "studio artist" could be a valid career choice.  My student loans are too high and my parents have enough worries of thier own without trying to pay for their grown daughters' rent and groceries.  But there are some changes I can make, time I can set aside, and skills I can teach myself so that one day I can work somewhere that's a little less beige.

So, here I go, first step make a blog (check). Next, make stuff . . .

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