a little holiday catch up

Holy Guacamole, it's New Years Day!

2011 flew by super fast and the holidays went even faster! I was so excited to decorate for the Holidays and do a bunch of Crafty Christmas projects but I was barely home enough to sleep!! Now the year is over but there are so many things I never told you about last year!

Like 5 weeks ago when The Man and I went to California to spend Thanksgiving at his auntie's house...
Thanksgiving night we stood on his aunt and uncle huge porch and watch a gorgeous sunset.  I mean look at that view!!!
And Look at that porch!!
It was so beautiful and warm the whole time we were there (which was a nice change to chilly Chicago). And on the way to the airport we stopped for some lunch and I had my very first . . .
In N Out!
(and I'm sorry Landsberg's, but it wasn't that good)

Then 4 weeks ago I went to Portland for an early Christmas with my parents.  
(These are my favorite out of all the decorations my parents have. It's The Snowman Village!!!)
We decorated the tree 

and went to an awesome show (which I'll tell you about as soon as I figure out to make the video small enough to post!)
It was great to be home, even though it was only for a few days.  Especially since I wasn't going to be spending Christmas at home.

Instead of Portland, The Man and I went to Hawaii for Christmas.  It was my first Christmas away from home, which was hard, but if you're going to spend the holidays away from home Hawaii is the way to go!!!!
And I'll tell you about that next . . .  :)

merry happy christmas

We're back from Hawaii!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
I know it was yesterday but I haven't had a computer for a week!
So here's my holiday cheer, Hawaii style...

go go go!

I've been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad blogger.  There is just so much to do!  Normally work gets pretty quiet in December. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but the firm I work for does Family Law (divorce, pre-nups, child custody...) it's crazy all year long, right up to the holidays, but then once mid-November hits people take a break.  They stop the emergency petitions, incessant e-mails, and jabs at their former significant other, and they take time to reconnect with the family and friends that they still love. . . . but not this year!  This year there's been no break since July.  The calendar is filled with trials and 5 hour conferences. And on top of that I've been gallivanting around the U.S.  I saved up all my vacation days and now I'm cashing in! We went to California for Thanksgiving, I had a quick trip to Portland last weekend, and next Sunday The Man and I are off to Hawaii to see his family for Christmas!!!!  Sooo Busy!

Going home to Portland last week was so great, but a part of me wishes I had gone this weekend! It may be too late to be mentioning this Buuut, today (and yesterday) is the Portland Bazaar!  It's a holiday fair of local vendors making high-quality hand made goods.  There's going to be so much great stuff! Live music at 4, awesome DJing, food carts outside, book signing, demos, and a wonderful vendor list.  It was put together by Grace Bonney (of Design Sponge), Greg Hennes, and Matt Pierce.  They all sat down and couldn't believe there wasn't already a place for all the amazing artisans of Portland to come together and sell their wares.

So, If you have any time at all today you need to go!! I want to live vicariously through you, go go go to The Portland Bazaar and tell me all about it!!! 

turkey day

Happy Thanksgiving Everbody!!

I got my turkey hand done, and I'm ready to celebrate! Put on your eatin' pants and Have a great weekend!!!

busy weekending

For the most part my weekends are filed with lazyness. Sleeping, snacking, tv-ing, thinking about being productive, and possibly some cleaning. That's just the way I like it, mellow and relaxing.  A way to re-couperate from a hectic work week.  Well, lately it seems as though those days are gone! I've been a busy bee, and it's been great!

Two weekends ago I had a friend in town.  I thought, alright I'll go out a bit, say hello, maybe do dinner and drinks, and then Wooosh I went to Wisconsin for the weekend! Madison to be exact, it's so beautiful there.
A friend of mine grew up in Madison so we stayed at her mom's house and took lot's of walks around town
We stopped into some shops and an antique store we went in had this!...

 On Sunday we drove down to New Glarus to meet up with The Man who is so amazing that he drove all the way up just to bring me back home! EEK!  I Love Him!
Yeah, you read that right "America's Little Switzerland"
 The Restaurant at the New Glarus Hotel was pretty awesome. The Morning Man decided to go for the Sunday Brunch Buffet.  I munched off his plate more than my own, he kept coming back with swiss meatballs, wiener schnitzel, sauerkraut with sausage, and all other non-breakfast swiss food you could think of.  Of course our friends were vegetarian so there wasn't much for them to pick from, it was hilarious watching the waitress' face as Laura asked her what was in the Vegetarian Sandwich, I don't think she had ever been asked that question before.
We didn't have time to stop in at the New Glarus Brewery so we just picked up a mix and match 6 pack.
One Of Each!!

Then this past weekend I thought, ok, well that was a fluke. This time I'll just think about projects I'd like to do, without actually doing them and then Bam I finished three pillows and had a whole day out with The Man!  For our anniversary I made The Morning Man a coupon (the ink actually made it feel all slick like a magazine page so for a second he thought it was real - tee hee).  I know coupons are something that little kids make for their moms and they're for vacuuming and hugs, but this coupon was much better than that, and it was for something I couldn't buy The Man without him being present . . .
(incase you can't read it the black writing says: Limit one pair of boots per person.  Availability may vary depending on store coupon holder would like to visit.  Coupon recipient must drive Coupon creator to preferred store for purchase.) :) 

So that was the plan, Sunday we would use the coupon.  But boy O' boy it turned into so much more, it turned into a perfect Man Day.  We woke up, had a big Sunday breakfast, took naps, watched the Bears game while we waited to get a leak in our tire fixed at Firestone, then headed to Sears to buy some boots.  The boots were on crazy super sale so I had The Man add some Carhart stuff to his coupon purchase, and on the way to the checkout stand we grabbed an awesome impulse buy, then we went home, ate pork roast for dinner and watched the last Harry Potter. Yeah. Awesome.

Oh and our impulse buy . . .
 Each cup is a 1/2 LB! It's Amazing!! And way too much, we've only finished 1 cup so far!

wishful wednesday {all clawfoot all the time}

I found way too many images of beautiful ClawFoot tubs, I had to give them their own post.

My mom always dreamed of a clawfoot tub.  I remember back in Middle School when I took ceramics I made her a little clawfoot tub out of clay, it's still in my parents' bathroom holding all the beach glass we've collected over the years.  Her love for them was instilled in me at a young age and has only grown stronger as I've gotten older. So as a follow up to last weeks post, here are some beautiful claw foot tubs I've been wishing for:

There are so many colors and styles of feet!

 Classic White
 Chic Black
 Soothing Seafoam
Lovely Lavender
Bright Lime
Antiquey Orange
and Hot Foot-Less Pink (SPIDERMAN!!)

Which one would you choose??? I want them all, maybe I could have a mood-tub that changes into any of these colors whenever I want.  Come on paint scientist! There's chalkboard paint and magnetic paint, where's my Mood Paint!!!!

wishful wednesdays {rubba dub dub}

One thing this Lazy Lady does best is fantasize about the future.  I'm not very good at living "in the now," I'm always thinking about the next recipe we should make, or couch we should buy, or city we'll live in, or job I could have, and where we'll be in 1, 3, 5, or 15 years.  It's not really the healthy way to live, buuuut sometimes I come up with some really great futures. . . 

I know it's been a while since I last wished on a Wednesday, but this Lazybones has been way to, well, lazy, to write about her wishes, but that doesn't mean I've stopped thinking about them.

Rubba dub dub, I want to be in a tub. Yeah, that's right, bath tubs!

The apartment The Man and I live in now has a tiny little bathroom, we can barely brush our teeth at the same time, but this isn't a whole bathroom post, it's a tub post.  When we first started dating The Man was living in a large loft/industrial/warehouse space.  It was a big huge space that used to be storage for Paramount Pictures, and over time the people who lived there built in a second level with bedrooms, a kitchen, studio spaces and a bathroom.  The bathroom was two levels, the first being a sink, a toilet, and a washer, but up this slightly spiraling staircase was a gigantic tub.  Technically it was a fish pond, seriously like an amoeba shaped fishpond with levels (that made great seats).  They built in a fountain that trickled down these (fake) rocks, there were two shower heads and a window that opened out to a landing that overlooked the entire "apartment."  It was my favorite part of the space.  It was so much fun to take a bubble bath in there! So lately I've been wishing for a great tub, a bubble bathing tub.  There are so many out there, here are a few I'd like for my future enormous, beautiful, classy, classy bathroom:

Aquamar Bathtub modern bathroom
These white bathtubs are so sleek and modern, there are so many elegant white tubs out there it was almost impossible to narrow it down.  I love the curved lines of these three. I think it's important for a soaking tub to fit the slope of your body while you lean back and relax, and the curved egg-ish shapes of these look like they'd do just that.

Alright so this tub goes against what I just said about slopes and curves, but look at that awesome ledge! Those wood trays are so beautiful, it looks like the vase in the section on the left is built into it, and I love the legs.

And speaking of wood, check out these bad boys!
These are gorgeous! I'm not sure about the practicality of them, i.e. longevity and maintenance, but, wow.  I think the first one is too heavy looking for me but the second is stunning.  I was flipping through the Travel and Leisure magazines we have at work and this photo stopped me dead in my tracks, then someone revived me and I tore out the page so I could share it with you.  Both the tub and the walls are made out of wood from Jacaranda Trees, not even in my most extravagant dreams could I afford this bathroom, so maybe I'll just have to settle for a visit to the Four Season Marunouchi Hotel in Tokyo.

The options for both stand alone and built-in bathtubs are endless, and so much more sophisticated than what you find in most apartments (at least here in Chicago, where a lot of apartments are pretty old). Over the past few weeks I've been collecting all these images of bathtubs, any image that caught my interest I would e-mail to myself, and after sitting down looking through the tubs I've gathered it's become really obvious that I prefer stand-alone tubs! Seriously, look back, every picture I've shown you so far is a stand-alone.  

But here are the few built-in tubs that got me going:
Tarrytown House asian bathroom
Wood again! Although this one is just surrounded in wood, the inside is a regular white porcelain (or plastic?) tub. It's so pretty, and that view? Yes please!
This tub has nice lines and a good ledge for your wine glass (something many of the others are missing.)  I also like that the tile on the face of the bathtub matches the accent tile on the walls to create a more cohesive look.
 Of course I had to sneak in a wacky one.  What do you think? It's it way cool? Or would it make you uncomfortable?  I think it's beautiful, and I love how unusual it is.  I mean, how many people do you know with a see-through bathtub!?!?

I know what you might be thinking . .
What about ClawFoot Tubs!?!
Well, I love clawfoot tubs sooo much and found soooo many photos of them that I had to let them have their very own post.

How about you? Do you love the sleek white egg look? Do you prefer built-in's or stand-alone's?  Do you even think this much about bathtubs? Do you ever even take a bath???

Tell me, I want to know!

going on three

I love you
You love me
It's our Anniversary

Yesterday was The Morning Man's and my Two-Year Anniversary! Some how it feels both much longer than two years, and no time at all, simultaneously.  
I'm so excited to one day take all these future dreams and make them come true with the love of my life.

candy corn nails

I didn't decorate the apartment so instead I decorated my Nails!

Of course after I spent Saturday afternoon painting them, I ate some Candy Corn at the party we went to Saturday night and realized Orange is supposed to be in the MIDDLE!!! Oh Darn!

I love having festive fingers, I'm already planning my Thanksgiving nails . . . 

spooky spooky spooky!

Two Red Beenies

Two Red Flannel Shirts

A Scrap of Black Felt and a Pipe Cleaner

Being comfortable and looking great on Halloween . . . 
(or $48.27, if you're one of those literal people)

Happy Halloween Everybody!

lacquer me up!

One of the jobs The Man just finished working on at the shop had to be finished in lacquer.  The shop he works at doesn't normally use lacquer (there are plenty of other finishes that will make a surface beautiful, and lacquer is not the best thing for you).  You might be thinking, "Hey, Lazybones, why do I care?"  Well friend, I'll tell you.  I went to visit the shop, and I saw the table tops all lacquered up, and boy-howdy I'm I excited to paint my chairs now!

I see a lot of people use spray lacquer to refinish their own furniture and it looks great (especially when it's glossy) but oh my word, lacquer sprayed from a spray gun instead of a can is Amazing.  I asked The Man to give me some schoolin' on the high volume low pressure gun (or HVLP Gun for those of us enrolled in The Morning Man University), so he gave me a little lesson.  The great thing about any spray gun is that you aren't limited to what comes in a spray can, you can use any liquid from polyurethane to orange juice.  Which also means that you can use a better quality lacquer then may be available in a can.  Other reasons to use a spray gun is for the economy of it and the control of the spray. There are three tips on the HVLP Gun, one in the middle that shoots out your liquid, and two to the sides that push out air.  All of the tips are adjustable, you can change the air flow and the amount of finish coming out of the gun, as well as the direction and size of the spray.  All these, in addition to being able to change the concentration of the lacquer, are way too many variables for little ol' me, but The Man loves it (so, he'll be the one spraying the chairs).  I also mentioned economy before.  When you use a spray can there is so much pressure pushing out the lacquer, paint, or what-have-you, that a lot of it bounces off your desired surface and is lost, but the finish comes out at a lower pressure in a HVLP gun so more of the liquid stays on your surface.  It's placed as opposed to thrown or as Professor Morning Man put it a spray gun has about a 90% transfer ratio compared to about a 50% with a spray can.  Which means if you use a gun you'll get more out of the same amount of finish than if you use a can.

Here is one of the tables The Man sprayed (sorry for the blurry iphone photo).  Look at the reflection of the vent behind it, ANd This is a satin finish!!!!

I'm pumped about finishing these chairs now, lacquer doesn't yellow, it has a clearer, harder finish and has more depth, it's going to be beautiful!  And it'll be glossy glossy Glossy!

OK, OK, so I got a little wordy this time, I promise, next post will have a lot more pictures!!
Thanks for listening reading!

hey punkin

Well, I didn't get a trip to the pumpkin patch, buuuuut I did get a pumpkin!  A friend of ours came over yesterday to carve some pumpkins, which I haven't done in forever, and let me tell you, I've missed it!  Carving pumpkins is so much fun and takes a lot less time then I remember it taking as a kid.

The boys took the unconventional route and went right to cutting out eyes and mouths before hallowing our their pumpkins. I did it the way I was taught. Step one: cut the top, Step two: scrape out all the guts, Step three: make it Scary!!  We bought a five dollar carving kit, which The Man proceeded to break almost every piece of.  Tiny pumpkin knives are meant for little kid strength, not the brute force of a grown man!  The gut scooper was the only tool to survive, it was also the tool that upset The Man the most (it was so tiny he had to stick his hand straight into the mush, "Eww!")

So inbetween watching Sunday Sports we created these masterpieces!!!:
Oooooo, Spooky
We had some fun with them after they were finished:
Pretty Scary Huh?!

p.s. Booo to the Rangers wining last night, but damn that little boy with the pube-stache sure can pitch.

silly siri

The iPhone 4S isn't even officially out yet and there is already a website for the crazy responses Siri has for your questions and requests. Shit That Siri Says is going to be a fun site to frequent, here are some of the posts they already have:

I think this one might be my favorite so far:
Hahaha, Siri is a nerd! 
It probably took me longer to get the 2001 reference then Siri.

So will you be buying the new iPhone 4S or holding out until the 5 is released? I'm too poor for either, but Siri almost makes me want to save up!
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