checkin' out the neighborhood {scout and brimfield}

Ok, that wasn't very nice of me, but I didn't want to overwhelm you with so much house-goods awesomeness all at once, so I thought I'd spread it out a little.

Alright, back to what I was saying yesterday:

We left The White Attic (drooling in check) and headed one door down to Scout:
Scout has a lot of furniture and large pieces, like this cool row of lockers in the window.
These dining chairs were pretty sweet, you can't tell from this photo but the fabric was dark green vinyl (and if I remember correctly they  also had a bit of sparkle)

Our last stop for the day was Brimfield:
This place was really fun, and if you like plaid and tartan fabrics then this is the place for you.
They have kitchen items, lighting, home accessories, furniture, and taxidermy.  They also reupholster furniture, and many of the pieces are of course done up in more plaid.
Brimfield is pretty large compared to it's next door neighbors, there were many little rooms shooting off from the main area. I didn't even realize until I was looking up the website to get a link that there is a downstairs! So, next time there will be even more to check out.
I totally want this for when my office/studio is set up . . . when ever that might be.

And my favorite part of this store:
Blankets! Blankets! Blankets! The Man wouldn't even let me think about blankets right now since it's been so darn hot outside, but I'll be back . . . oh yes, I'll be back.

checkin' out the neighborhood {white attic}

We've been living in our new apartment for about six weeks now.  We're learning it creeks and squeaks, and loving every bit of it.  But I must say, my favorite part of our new place is it's spiffy location.

Our apartment is in Lincoln Square, close to Andersonville, and right across the street from a beautiful park with huge willow trees and baseball diamonds. There are so many shops and restaurants, cute corners and sweet spots to sit and relax, and slowly but surely we're checking out every nook and cranny.  So the other week we set out to Andersonville to check out some fun shops.

I wanted to go to Clark St. in Andersonville because I had heard of this place called Scout, and, as it turns out, Scout is perfectly sandwiched by two other great shops!

The first one we stopped in was The White Attic:
 The White Attic finds vintage furniture from the early 1900's and mid-century and refinishes it in fresh contemporary colors and stains.  Every piece in this store was gorgeous, and I wanted to take all of it home.
 This dresser/credenza was The Morning Man's fav.
 There were so many great pieces but my favorite part of the store had to be the lamp bar.
 They had 16 or more base styles to choose from and from there you "build" your lamp.  They have various glaze options for the base and fabric options for the shade, so you can put together your perfect lamp.  The prices range from $245-325, which is a bit much for me right now, but I'm saving up, because these are beautiful!!

After we were done drooling over everything at White Attic, we walked one door down to Scout:
  . . .
And I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

home and garden junkie

I am an HGTV addict.

It's one of the only reasons I have cable, and probably one of the main reasons I never get around to blogging :).

There are so many great shows.  I am completely in love with Genevieve Gorder. Sabrina Soto's show High/Low Project is super fun to watch (especially when The Man gets all fussy about how cheap the "High" furniture is).  Scott McGillivray from Income Property has made me want to be a landlord, and now one of the newer kids on the block has also got me hooked. 

Meg Caswell was last years HGTV Design Star winner, and her show, Meg's Great Rooms, is based here in Chicago.  It's so much fun to watch, because she's always going to new places around town that I've never heard of. 
A while back I saw an episode where she goes to Nadeau.
Nadeau is a furniture store.  But instead of mass-produced or "assembly required" pieces they house a variety of furniture pieces found around the world and brought back to the good ol' US of A.  Their store in Chicago is right by Architectural Artifacts and we decided to check it out a few weekends ago.
I saw a lot of secretaries that I loved, 
and everything is very decently priced.
There were even some printing blocks that I almost snatched up, but since it was right before the move The Man and I weren't really in a buying mood.

The Morning Man is pretty determined to make all the furniture we need for our new pad, but now that we're a little more settled I think we'll head back to Nadeau soon.

I'll also keep watching Meg's Great Rooms for more Chicago shopping advise!!!

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