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When you're as Lazy as I am, procrastination doesn't follow too far behind.  I can't tell you how many papers were written the night before they were due or art projects were hung up still wet with paint.  At times I can motivate myself, but for the most part all projects and "to-do's" just fall by the wayside.
I am good at starting things, making the first move or collecting the supplies.  I can't begin to tell you how many projects I am prepared to do, or how many are almost done.  It's those last little steps that get me every time.

Remember the assignment? Remember how excited I was? How I had this huge list of creative projects and how I was going to show you the final piece when I was finished? Yeah... It's basically done, but the paper ended up being too thick for the frame, so now it's just sitting there, haphazardly.

Remember those chairs? Remember how excited I was? How I was going to teach myself upholstery and those chairs were the first step? Yeah.... They're almost finished, I just need to buy foam, but who knows when that will happen.

Remember wishful wednesdays? Remember how excited I was? How I was going to post one every week and chronicle my dream home aspirations?  Yeah... Those take a lot of research, and I'm tired.

Remember this post you're reading right now? Yeah... I started it a week ago, and now I don't remember my point.

I've told you many, many, many, many, many, many times that I'm going to whip myself into shape, and do things.  But let's be honest, we're all lucky I have the motivation to do my nails every week, let alone finish a craft or art project I've started!

So, here's my new point (since I can't remember the original point), I think it's time to post the "in-progress." If I keep waiting to show you projects when they're finished you'll never see anything.  Like our apartment, The Man has made some beautiful furniture, and even though the rooms aren't finished (or clean for that matter) you need to see them!!

Yeah! I'm going to go home and take some pictures!!

...or maybe I'll wait until the weekend when the lighting is better... hmmm.

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