america's birthday {home made cake}

After finding that flag cake I couldn't help but try it myself.  Remember those strawberries I bought a few weeks back?  Well, they had been sitting in the fridge for a while (i.e. I totally forgot they were there) when I decided to cut them up and let them sit in some lemon juice and sugar.  Something about the citrus breaks down what ever it is I'm allergic to, when given enough time.  I thought I'd just pour them over some ice cream but once I saw that cake I changed my mind.  So, on Sunday before some friends arrived for a little get together I cooked down the strawberries I had and another bunch from the store and baked three separate cakes.

One regular sized
One small
One regular sized died blue with a ramekin in the middle so I didn't have to waste any batter

I cut the two white cakes in half and evened out the tops by cutting them flat.

Then I layered them with the strawberries in-between, making sure that the whole in the blue ring was large enough to fit the small white cakes.

I made some white buttercream frosting with lemon and vanilla extract and covered the cake so no one would know the surprise inside

We sang Happy Birthday to America and then . . . .

It looks a little drippy but it tastes great!!! Yum! 

Happy Birthday America!!!!

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