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Work has been pretty crazy lately.  There have been a few staff changes, which has made work very stressful and busy, so there is no time to go out and do something fun liiiiiike . . . . go to the Farmers Market!!!!  Friday the 8th was our receptionist's last day, and we take quite a long time to make a decision about hiring a new employee, so I new it might be my last week for a little while to go to the farmers market on Thursdays.  I forgot to get more cash so I only had what was in my wallet.  I wish I had had more money because it's finally far enough into the season for greater variety of veggies to be sold.  There were vidalia onions that the farmer said were so sweet you could eat like an apple and 5 different kinds of beets!! But we had dinner plans to buy for.

These are my farmer's market buys:

Italian Garlic

Asiago Mini-Baguettes




Everything I got this time was for specific dishes, can you tell what one dish we're planning is???
All that's missing is the Tomatoes . . . a Caprese, YUM!
We bought the rest to make chicken and 40 cloves, an easy and delicious meal.  I'll tell you all about it later.

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