chicken and 40 cloves

How would you like to smell like garlic for two whole days?

Last Friday night we made our chicken and 40 cloves dinner with the super smelly and oh so delicious Italian Garlic I got at the farmers market.

I peeled all the garlic and was really surprised to find only big honkin' cloves, none of those little tiny pieces that you get when you buy the garlic they have at the grocery store

So there weren't exactly 40, and there doesn't have to be, it's just a name.

After peeling all the garlic take the chicken (we always use thighs) and sear it on both sides.  Put the chicken in any pan with a lid that can go in the oven, a dutch oven works great, but we don't have one so we just used a frying pan with some tin foil.  On top of the chicken put in all your whole garlic cloves and a butt load of fresh Thyme.  We used the entire bundle I bought at the farmers market, we also decided to add some pearl onions, and I highly recommend it.

Once all your ingredients are in the pan or dish add olive oil.  Lot's of olive oil, until the chicken is submerged.

(I know it looks kinda gross, but trust me it doesn't taste gross)

Oh yeah, the chicken just falls apart, no knife needed.  You neeeed bread with this meal, we used the asiago mini-baguettes, it was so so so so so so so delicious sooo delicious.

You need bread and this is why...

That's NOT BUTTER!! That's GARLIC!! Oh man, so amazingly good.  I smelled like garlic for 2 days but it was totally worth it.  

Seriously, you need to try this!

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