america's birthday {cake}

July 4th will be here soon!! I've always had tons o' fun on the forth of July.  When I lived back home in Portland, OR we always spent the forth at a Beavers baseball game (*rant).  They'd play ball, we'd hoop and holler, and when the game was over they'd shoot fireworks from the street and play really bad, super patriotic, country songs.  It was great.

In the last few years I've gotten even more intense about it. I love wearing ridiculous red white and blue outfits and painting my nails.  This year we're going to have a little get together so I've been scouting ideas on the interweb.  A few days ago I found this awesome cake!!

You might be thinking, "Hey Aly, some little flags does not a awesome cake make"
well to that I say scroll down my friend . . . 

How cool is that?!
It's a lot of cake baking but it doesn't look too complicated

Lots of different circles.  Lots of different layers. 
And then Bam!

Sweet, Delicious America.

*rant. Recently Portland got rid of the Beavers, who I know weren't a major league baseball team, but a farm team is still baseball dammit!!!  The reason they sent away the baseball was because they purchased a soccer team . . . Soccer! What the Hell!!!  Now they have basketball and soccer, lame! No football no baseball!! So un-American!! That's my only complaint about Portland, it's missing the good sports.

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