a dose of my weekend

I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend, because The Morning Man and I sure did.
We decided to check out Dose Market on Sunday.  I had to meet someone in the area, so we thought, why not!

Dose is a monthly fancy flea market.  It's hosted in the River East Art Center (near Navy Pier) and the vendors include a range of food, fashion, and home goods.
 It costs 10$ to get in so from the beginning they set themselves up for a more buyer friendly crowd, as opposed to most fleas or fairs I've been to which are free to enter but might tend to draw in more "window shoppers" than people ready to spend.
(with your 10$ to enter you also got a free drink ticket!)
As soon as you walk in you get the feeling that the girls who run Dose Market are a little more selective in their vendors than other gatherings of this kind.  The whole event has a classy and cohesive aesthetic.  The tables aren't packed to the gills, and even the patrons seem to fit the merchandise . . . no one is underdressed.  

I definitely enjoyed myself, but it was a little to rich for my blood, so I didn't end up with a new outfit, or a full stomach, but we didn't leave empty handed.

On our way out The Man spotted an Alfajores stand.  His step-dad is from Argentina and a few Christmases ago The Man spent two weeks in Mar del Plata visiting his family for the holidays. He loved every bit of it, but his favorite part was the food. Steaks, red wine, and alfajores.  We barely got out the door before we consumed the sweet treat.
I tried to save the rest for dessert after dinner, but that didn't quite work out.  Alfajores are an Argentinian treat made out of dulce de leche sandwiched between two buttery, crumbly cookies and dipped in either dark chocolate, white chocolate, or rolled in coconut.  Lucila's doesn't have a store, but we were excited to learn that they're always at the Logan Square farmers market.  
Seriously, if you have the chance to eat a home-made alfajores, do not pass it up!!

When we finally left the Market it was time for some lunch.  We drove around town trying to come up with a spot we hadn't been before. Unfortunately it was that golden hour on Sundays when most restaurants close to transition from lunch to dinner.  We were just about to give up and head over to our regular pizza spot when a bright sign caught our eye.  All we saw was the word "MELT."

And It was Delicious.  

Thankfully I had a lactose pill, because there is no such thing as a cheese-less sandwich at MELT. 

I got the Autostrada (olive oil and sea salt ciabatta with mortadell, capicola ham, sopressata salami, procuitto, melted provolone and hot giardiniera).

And The Man got the Detroit (1/2 vienna corned beef and 1/2 vienna roast beef with swiss cheese horseradish cream and arugula on a roll)

It was worth every penny. . . and the potential stomachache.

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