donuts make me go nuts

Every once in a while at work (i.e. when it's someones birthday) we get to take a break, hang out, and get a little sugar buzz.  We've always alternated between cupcakes, fancy french pastries from Ogilvie Station, or cream puffs from Beards Papa's.  All are delightful choices, but now there's a new sugar boss in town, and his name is Do-Rite.

Do-Rite Donuts opened up at the end of February this year.  It's located in a tiny spot cut out from the storefront of Petterino's, and Boy-George is it delicious!!
I come from the land of Voodoo Donuts, so I'm no stranger to the gourmet and unusual in a donut, but I'm here to tell you that these deep-fried dough-rings do not disappoint! 

My favorite would have to be the Old Fashion. As basic as it is, Do-Rite does it so perfectly that you can't deny it's deliciousness.  They have all the classics, chocolate frosted, boston cream, vanilla glazed, and then they have some you won't find at your corner donut store, like their peanut butter and jelly, lemon custard poppy seed, and cinnamon crunch.  
We have yet to try it at work but they do (much like Voodoo) have a bacon maple donut.  The ladies aren't too keen on meat with their sweets, but maybe next time I'll sneak one in.

If you live in Chicago, and have a sweet tooth, then head on over to Do-Rite. Just make sure it's not too late, their last fry is at 11am.

Donuts and Champagne.
I'm the classiest broad I know.

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  1. That's right baby - nothing says "class" like deep fry and the bubbly!


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