a rainbow of colanders

I saw this photo of a bunch of colanders a few months ago:
They're so beautiful and bright.  My perfect color palette, and I wanted them all. But when would you ever need 6 colanders? I could see having 2 tops, but I only have one sink so it's not like I could even use more than 1 at a time.  I mean how much pasta could a girl make to excuse buying 6?!?!
Then, when The Man and I were in Portland, we were waiting for a table for brunch and I peeked in a shop window and saw this:

How cool is that?!?
It works so well for the kitchen supply/cooking classes shop that it was hanging in.  Unfortunately the shop was closed for the day (which is why I took this picture through the window), but this could absolutely be a DIY project.  Maybe one day when The Man and I have a big beautiful kitchen with vaulted ceilings he'll let me hang a colorful colander chandelier.
But until then, I have this photo.

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