hey punkin

Well, I didn't get a trip to the pumpkin patch, buuuuut I did get a pumpkin!  A friend of ours came over yesterday to carve some pumpkins, which I haven't done in forever, and let me tell you, I've missed it!  Carving pumpkins is so much fun and takes a lot less time then I remember it taking as a kid.

The boys took the unconventional route and went right to cutting out eyes and mouths before hallowing our their pumpkins. I did it the way I was taught. Step one: cut the top, Step two: scrape out all the guts, Step three: make it Scary!!  We bought a five dollar carving kit, which The Man proceeded to break almost every piece of.  Tiny pumpkin knives are meant for little kid strength, not the brute force of a grown man!  The gut scooper was the only tool to survive, it was also the tool that upset The Man the most (it was so tiny he had to stick his hand straight into the mush, "Eww!")

So inbetween watching Sunday Sports we created these masterpieces!!!:
Oooooo, Spooky
We had some fun with them after they were finished:
Pretty Scary Huh?!

p.s. Booo to the Rangers wining last night, but damn that little boy with the pube-stache sure can pitch.

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  1. Nice Job! Where'd ya learn to do THAT? (... as if I didn't know)


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