a little cush for your tush

So, I was trying to wait until I had better photos, and the job was totally done but I'm too excited! I want to share now!  I've been a pretty bad blogger lately, mostly because I had the work week from hell about three weeks in a row, but also because I had been working on an upholstery project that I was keeping from you.

I got a gig upholstering some window seats for a new salon opening here in Chicago. These are iPhone photos taken right after installation but I just can't wait another second to share them with you . . .

I didn't make the pillows, just the seats (for now *wink*wink*), but I'm so happy with them, they're so smooth! Since she didn't want a seam running along the front edge the little nubs took some finessing, but after I MacGyver-ed my way through the first one, they were a cinch!

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