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This past Sunday The Man had his first day off in almost a month.  It was a beautiful day and we had planned on going to a pumpkin patch but we woke up and realized that the Chicago Marathon was going on, so getting most places was going to be quite a hassle.  Instead we opted to go antiquing!! Unfortunately some of our favorite spots we're a little to close to the Marathon Course, but we were still able to make a few stops.

First up: Architectural Artifacts!

Now this isn't the kind of place to find some fun trinkets to take home, unless you think trinkets are $1,000 chandeliers and $2,500 mantels.  But it is a fun place to check out.  
You can easily spend a few hours walking around their 80,000 square feet of antique objects.  They have everything from a single door knob to six huge corinthian columns.  If you have lots of money and want some really cool old stuff in your house, this is the place to go.  If you have some time and want to explore a giant showroom of really cool old stuff, then this is still the place to go!
This is an enormous copper pot filled with wooden letterpress letters!
Hey Mom! Look at this! You want an awesome old wardrobe trunk? It's only $895!
They also use the atrium connecting the two buildings for events, like weddings. They clear out this area, and you can also use . . . 
The courtyard, it makes a beautiful ceremony space.
If I had $2,400 laying around, this would come home with me, as well as this lamp . . . 
Just a measly $1,800!  I think it's beautiful though.

After we were finished realizing how empty our pockets were we went over to a place with everyday folk prices and items.

Next Up: Hoard Antiques!

We love this place, we found it about a year ago. It's a small antique shop in Lincoln Square, run by a really friendly guy who knows his stuff.
They've got a little bit of everything here, it's a fun place to rummage around, and it's completely affordable.
What a cute pitcher with matching glasses!
And my favorite part of Hoard Antiques:
Layla!! She's the sweetest and most mellow pup I know.  If she's not taking a nap then you'll catch her following her man around the shop.  At this point I caught her doing the former. :) 

We didn't make all our usual stops, but that doesn't mean I walked away empty handed. 
 I bought myself a crazy fish necklace!
 At first it just looks like an elaborate gold fish, but then . . .
It Opens!!!!

After Hoard we went home to make Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches! YUM!

How was your Sunday? Do anything fun??

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  1. Those places are way cool - I don't know about the lamp you like but those sconces above it are "tres bitchen!"


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