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I wasn't able to make it to the Farmer's Market today.  It has been terrible outside, it was in the 40's, rainy, and insanely windy.  Everyone on the street is squinting with their hair all over the place, misty rain blowing sideways into their eyes and their umbrellas inside out. I don't think Chicago got the memo that June is next Wednesday.  It's just too gross to go somewhere if you don't have to, so I skipped out on the veggies.

The Farmer's Market is the best part of my work week and always makes Thursdays great, but today I found something else that did the job.  One of the blogs I look at every weekday morning while I sit at me desk and eat my oatmeal is Lottie Loves.  It was one of the first sites that I started to frequent, and today when I looked at her blog I saw a post for Sampling Press and their Comedy Cards.  These cards are wonderful, I love them all, but my favorite series is her "Dear Blank" collection.  She teamed up with Jared Wunsch of "dear blank please blank" and made a few of his letters into cards.  After looking at everything from Sampling Press, I spent the rest of the day (minus the time spent actually working of course) reading Jared's websites.  All of his "letters" are pretty hilarious, but I like them even better as cards.  I love the formal quality of the letterpressed card, it puts something so silly in a serious and deliberate context, I just love it.

and my favorite:

Aren't they great?

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  1. Aly, Some cool stuff on here. I like the wall mounted fridge. I'd love to have one but I don't think I've ever seen one. Nice to have someone around who can whip out a piece of furniture when you need one, eh ? Funny cards too. Judy and I take off for another trip to the South tomorrow morning. Going down for a friends(Stu knows them too) 30th anniversary and some more family history research as well as just general Historical sightseeing. If I ever get to Chicago (almost did a while ago but the case settled) I'll look you up. Later, gary L


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