Mail !

It's so rare that we get mail that isn't a bill or an application for a credit card, that it's celebration worthy.
So here's to the Fun mail we got in these past weeks.

Andrew got this pretty package from Ms. Becky Flint (and Stu)

The ribbon wrapped around the sides of the paper is slightly iridescent but I guess iphone cameras don't show sparkle very well.

Then we got an invitation in the mail.  Our friends got married a few months ago and they are having a reception party.

Sarah typed up each invitation on their typewriter.  I like that they are simple and unique.  The little sun spot and the strip of a map cut out for a horizon line are great, and I want one of those tag stamps.  I can't wait for beer, wine, whiskey, and tacos.  Especially the Tacos!

While Andrew and I were getting these in the mail my mom finally got her mother's day card
I took an egg, blew the yoke out, filled it with glitter and a note and sealed it up with a piece of paper towel that I painted over to blend in with the rest of the painted egg.  The words "Crack Me Open" are written with a gold nail polish pen (I bought it in 2010 to paint my nails for the super bowl!).

I let dad know in advance that mom should open her present outside and explained to him what was in the egg.  I knew if she got it and opened it in the living room over her lap that she would murder me (it was very fine gold glitter .... and a lot of it, no body wants that in their carpets).  Unfortunately dad left the morning before the fedex guy stopped by, and my mom was only left with the instructions of "Aly told me you shouldn't open this in the house."  That morning I got a frazzled voicemail from mom asking what she should do, that she was sitting there holding an egg, confused.  I think her exact words were "What you'd get me a dragon or something? Call me!"

The next morning we opened it together (over the phone), and she thought it was great! She said the wind blew the glitter all over the deck plants, I wish she had gotten a picture but dad had the camera on his business trip.  This is a picture of the remnants.

I love mail, I can't wait until we get more, or better yet my dad's birthday is coming up, I can't wait to Send Some More!!!!

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