farmers market {with a little asian fest mixed in}

Last week one of the ladies at work came back from court and told me the farmers market was back in the Daley Plaza!!! It was already 3 O'clock so I had missed it, but it got me so excited! This week it was all I could think about. So today at 11:45 I went out to take my lunch break at The Farmers Market.

I was weirdly nervous walking over there, maybe I was afraid it wouldn't be as great as I had remembered, it had been a long, terrible winter. But as soon as I saw it the butterflies melted and I was grinning from ear to ear.

It's not yet in full swing, the Asian American festival was happening at the same time, so it was a mix of produce and tchotchkes, but most of my favorites were back. I always give myself a 20$ limit so I don't blow my life savings on veggies, cheese, and delicious breads. This time I only got a few things, mostly because the only vegetables any of the booths had was asparagus (and not great looking asparagus).  

It was BEA-u-tiful outside so I watched some of the festival

I got some Panang Curry, sat in the shade with my Farmer's Market buys, and watched people walk around

It was great! Thursdays are the best!!

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