"Well, as the Festival Torch is officially passed, we say 'whoo-Ha' it's Aly-Palooza time!"
Straight from the lips of the StuFest Man himself.  One celebration has passed and  . . . 

Alypalooza has begun!

(Look at the beautiful presents my parents sent.  Such cute wrapping paper!!)

Some of you who aren't directly tied to the Flint Family might be thinking what's Alypalooza and who's a StuFest???  Well, my friend, let me tell you.  It all started with My dad, he takes birthdays pretty seriously, so instead of confining all the fun and love to one specific day he thought "hey, let's spread it out a little bit."  There's too much pressure on one day, what if people forget, what if you have a bad day, what if it's a Monday!?!  In our family your birthday goes past that one day, and that doesn't mean party party party, and presents up the wazoo every day for weeks.  It means be happy, let things happen when they happen, there's no such thing as belated, and hey, if you want to get me a present later go right ahead, or just come over and let's share a drink sometime in the next few weeks.  It sounds intense but it's actually more relaxed, and who doesn't like the sound of a birthday festival!

It's fun! It's exciting! It's Alypalooza!!!
The official day isn't until Saturday but let's just start celebrating now!

Incase you're wondering my mom's celebration comes in July . . . the eight days of Rebeccakkah! 
get it? get it?? hahaha.


  1. Happy Alypalooza!!! ( were you aware that your festival name has the words Aly pal in it?? Or am I just slow to catch on?)
    Love the cupcake paper!

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