sunday brunch!

I had a very productive day! Sunday morning I woke up . . . at 9:30 . . . AM . . . in the morning.  For most this is no great feat but for someone like me who can stay in bed until 2:00pm no problem, this is quite an accomplishment.  And what, you may ask, made me so motivated? BRUNCH!!

Saturday night I ran into my friends Maria and Daily, and they invited me to brunch at Daily's bar, Blokes and Birds.  They just started serving brunch a couple of weeks ago, and oh my oh my my my, waking up was well worth it.

We came in and were greeted with some great Bloody Mary's

(of course with anything from Daily it comes with a shot, this time a nice stout shot)
They had a wonderful kick to them and they infuse their vodka with bacon (obviously if you are a veggie they can hold the bacon), and the tasty piece of havarti on that little skewer didn't hurt either.

Then for food I chose the Hash

 The duck confit with confit potatoes and two fried duck eggs on top. . . hash. YUM!
I was so excited to eat it I broke the egg before I could take a picture.  It was incredible.

One of the other ladies at my table got the stuffed french toast

It is stuffed with Nutella and has carmelized bananas and fruit and deliciousness all over it. (drool)
To top everything off it was a beaUtiful day.  One of those Chicago days, in the middle of a cold month, that reminds you summer still does exist. And also reminds you of all the bare chests and short shorts that are in your future.  I wandered around until it was too windy to keep my eyes open, then headed home to do chores, FUN!

Cleaned the bath room, cleaned the kitchen, worked on my chairs (pictures to come), watched a movie, made some dinner, and ate too much ice cream.  

See, Pro-duc-tive! 
I love days like that.

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