getting started {part two}

Back to what I was saying . . .

Third Class:
Mitered Blanket - after taking 101 and piped pillow I had to take one more "intermediate" class before I could take the ottoman class.  I chose mitered blanket thinking, "yeah, awesome who doesn't need an extra blanket" .  .  .

(sorry for the fuzzy pictures)

Then I realized I was making a baby blanket!  It doesn't keep me as warm as I had hoped but it keeps my shoulders cozy.

Forth Class
OTTOMAN!!!!!!! - Finally what I had been waiting for for months!

I had the mister come meet me at The Needle Shop after the blanket class so we could pick out the fabric for the ottoman, and he had picked this owl fabric (from premier prints) before I even got out of class.
yeah, my man's got pretty great taste.
I got the yellow and grey polka dot pattern to make the piping and brought it all in a few weeks later.
In the end, after all that sewing practice, there was barely any sewing involved.  Apart from the seems on the corners it was almost all staples. And I loved every second of it!  Going in with a pile of fabric and some piping and coming out 4 hours later with a fully functional ottoman was awesome.  It was a great feeling of accomplishment, and I can't wait to feel it again!!!

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  1. Wow Aly! I want one!! Seriously! Make me one!


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