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I'm finally getting down to business.  I started this blog to talk about projects I'm working on and so far all I've talked about is food (we had an awesome breakfast this morning by the way). So, to get us started here's a little background.

My talented man makes custom furniture.  Before I met him I was always curious about the design and construction of furniture, but since we've been together I've become much more than curious.  Now a days whenever I see a chair, ottoman, etc. I start thinking about how it was put together, and with the boy by my side it's easy to figure out.

About eight months ago I became interested in learning more about upholstery, I thought, "hey, my boyfriend makes furniture, wouldn't it be awesome if I could learn how to upholster so we could make things together. That way he'll never be able to get away from me!! MwaHahahaha!!!" (just kidding, I'm not that scary of a girlfriend, and he's actually excited about it).

So I started looking for a place to learn, and didn't find much.  What I did find was The Needle Shop, which is the cutest little fabric store run by awesomely cool people.  They had a class to make an ottoman, but first there were a few prerequisites.  My mom is an amazing seamstress and she taught me a lot (well sometimes she taught me a lot and sometimes she pushed me aside and just did it herself - I LOVE YOU MOM), but I thought, it's been a while, I should just take it from the beginning.

First Class:
Sewing 101 - learning how to make a basic pillow - with a zzzzzipper!

I made a second one for practice

Second Class:
Piped Pillow - making a . . . piped pillow (duh, what did you think it was)

Third Class:
Will come in the next post, it is late and I'm sleepy!!

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