let's have a picnic

How would you like to sit outside on a nice 8 foot long picnic table made out of solid cedar?
Well, if you come to our house, you can!!!

We are having a few get togethers in the next couple weeks, and recently realized that other than the couch that we basically live on, there is nowhere for more than 2 people to sit and eat.

So, the man devised a plan - build a picnic table! (and pray for good weather)

Andrew and I went out to Menards on Saturday and bought a bunch of cedar, went by his work to pick up a few of his tools and headed to the back yard.

First we set up the work bench

Then we started cutting and screwing things together to make the frame

We made an A for Aly! and for Andrew!

We got out the chisel and put together some cross-lap joints to make it sturdier

Then we screwed down all the planks and  . . .  

I'm so excited to go get a BBQ sometime next week.  It better start getting warmer and not so rainy, I want to hang out in the great outdoors!
This table was so much fun to make, we spent two hours on Saturday and only about one today, it really wasn't that difficult and the materials only cost about $200.00 (it could be less if you choose a different type of wood, but we love cedar, it is pest, mold and rot resistant, and it smells awesome!)

Ain't she a beaut, I can't wait to spill something!

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  1. Awesome job guys! Bet it smells REAL nice too! How much wood do we need to have ready for you to make ours? tee-hee


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