chicago bucket list {concerts in the park}

Last night The Man and I saw Pink Martini in Millennium Park.
I love Pink Martini.  I think I've seen them maybe 5 times, including a New Years Eve show a few years back where they did fantastic rendition of Peter and the Wolf. When you live in Portland it's almost more difficult not to see them play.
It was really nice to sit outside and listen to great music.  The weather was perfect and you're even allowed to bring in food and alcohol for a little picnic on the grass.  It was a little hard on the knees (The Man's knees) to sit on the ground for 2 hours, so next time maybe we'll get some camping chairs.
One thing I didn't add to the Chicago bucket list is seeing a show at Ravinia.  Ravinia isn't technically in Chicago (it's in Highland Park) so I kept it off, but it's definitely on my mid-west bucket list!

Ravinia is another outdoor venue, they have big name people come out and you can buy a ticket for the seated area, or if you don't really care about seeing the bands' faces you can buy a much cheaper ticket for "the lawn."  I've never been, but from what I've heard people go all out in "the lawn."  They have tables and table cloths and chairs and wine and real dishes and fancy food and candles!

June 30th the B-52's and the GoGo's are playing at Ravinia.  I really hope we make it because that sounds like the best combo ever put together of anything by anyone...ever.


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