chicago bucket list {american science and surplus}

Well, it's not what I expected.

The other weekend we were out and about and decided to stop by American Science and Surplus.  I had been hearing things about this store since Freshman year of college.  Everyone talked about how awesome and random it was, how they sold anything you could think of.  I was imagining something like Architectural Artifacts but instead of large pieces of furniture it would have old science junk you had to dig in nooks and crannies for.
It is a store, and it is random.  If you're looking for something specific I don't know if you'll find it, but if you just want to walk through aisles and aisles of strange trinkety things then this is the place for you.
(Holiday, Bags, Boxes, Shirts, Military, Weather Balloon, Notebooks, Stationary, Audio/Video, Automotive, Line Cords, Lighting, Wheels, Mechanical, Office Supplies, Desk Toys, Puzzles Games, Novelty Items, Medical Supplies, Lab Coats, Corks and Stoppers, Small Bottles, Labware, Test Tubes, Cleaning Supplies, and those are just the signs you can see in this photo!!)
  I really can't think of a better way to describe this place than "random."  You need some army gear?
No problem!

You need a motor?
They have both AC and DC!

What size beaker do you need?
 They have them all!!!
I actually really liked the beaker and test tube aisle.  These small bottles would be so cute for a centerpiece, just fill each with one bud and group them together or spread them out in a line down the center of the table.... I want them.

I ended up buying a little box that holds a bunch of empty containers you can fill with paint (i.e. watercolors or silk dye).  I just can't seem to leave a place without trying to spend money, but the great thing about American Science and Surplus is that everything is pretty cheap.

I think the best part of the whole place are the labels.  Most of them have jokes or silly drawing on them, which makes it really entertaining to meander around the store.

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