mani mondays {and alypalooza cont....}

Alypalooza has been fantastic!!!
I came home on Tuesday to a plethora of gifts:
The Man got me a fully stocked bar for my birthday and I am fully stoked!
Mom and Dad got me a rad outfit and some lamp money!!

We had a little shindig on Saturday for my birthday and went to Lincoln Karaoke where I rented a room (if you're looking for a karaoke place in Chicago, that one is pretty great).  I did end up making that Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake, and I even brought it to the karaoke bar, but without a knife to cut it with it was barely touched, so I now have an entire six layer cake to eat by myself!!
By the time Saturday rolled around my first set of birthday nails were all chipped, so I had to paint some new ones. This time I went with Cupcakes!! Yum!

This has been one of the best Alypalooza's ever.
Thank you to everyone who made it great!!

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