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Back in March I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs Gems (formally Where the Lovely Things Are). It was about the collaboration between Oliver Jeffers and Digby & Iona. Together they created a new collection of jewelry based off various characters and objects from Oliver Jeffers' children's books.

All the charms looked so cute but I had never heard of this Oliver Jeffers fellow, so I decided to investigate. And soon I fell in love . . . with his books.  I love his illustrations and his stories are just so wonderfully bizarre.

My dad and I have always shared a love for children's books.  We were always on the hunt for a new book with eye catching illustrations, so when I saw Oliver Jeffers' illustrations I new I had my dads birthday present down pat. 

I wanted to get him "The Great Paper Caper" but the bookstores didn't have it in stock (and it somehow never entered my mind that the internet exists, with it's vast knowledge, endless supplies, and shopping cart function)
 So instead I got him "The Way Back Home." I don't have any kids (and I won't for sometime - don't worry) but I might have to start my children's book collection early.

In addition to a kids book I also got my dad a bottle of Red Eye Coffee Porter by Two Brothers, because he's a grown up.
And I made him this card, because he like's sittin'.

STUFEST Continues!!!

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