brooklyn birthday bonanza

Guess what The Man and I did last weekend?
We went to New York!

Back in January I found some amazingly cheep tickets to New York, so I decided to buy The Morning Man's birthday present early.  One of Andrew's bestest friends lives in Brooklyn, and we haven't seen him in 2 years, so it was time.

So last Saturday we hopped on a plane and flew over to JKF.  The fun started right away when we took the Airtrain that takes you from your terminal to the subway and saw the Space Shuttle in it's little bunker still attached to the 747!
(it was hard to get a good picture!)

There wasn't much time for any sightseeing or big events once we got in, so we kept the first day mellow with a walk around the neighborhood and a birthday party that our friends had planned for Andrew.  Which actually wasn't mellow at all . . . yeah, I take back that mellow comment, there was a piƱata and 3 cakes.
(Deep Dish Pizza cake, Donut cake, and Perspective cake - doesn't it look flat!!)
(Some delicious pizza for a light snack before dinner)
(A walk to the river)
(Some Dumb&Sons homebrew)

 The next day we ate some breakfast at Jimmy's Dinner . . .
(pancakes, eggs, home fries, and home-made sausage)
(chicken and waffles)
(pulled-pork, cheddar, and sausage omelette)
(cheddar and grits)

And then we headed to the Brooklyn Flea!!
I have heard so much about it and I really wanted to go. . .  but I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

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