mom's day bouquet in may

My mom got her Mother's day present on Tuesday (honestly not as late as I thought it was going to be  :) way to go FedEx!).  So now that it won't ruin the surprise I want to show you what I made her!

I love flowers and beautifully arranged bouquets but damn can they get expensive, so as a lady on a budget I was trying to find an alternative that was cheap to purchase without being cheap looking, and voila! I found tons of great tutorials on how to make crepe paper flowers!

The funny part was how difficult it was to find crepe paper.  None of the art or craft supply stores in Chicago had anything, or even knew what I was asking for, so I took to the internet. 
Oh trusty internet, your knowledge and supplies are so vast.

I mostly used this tutorial but this one was also helpful for variety.
I used the thicker wire to bunch them together and stick them in the vase, and then I added a few "leafs" for greenery and to fill in any gaps . . .

It was super fun to make the flowers, and I'm definitely going to make some more for my own house.  I'm terrible at keeping plants alive so it'll be great to have a little floral pop in the house without having to worry about it getting moldy. (Does that happen to anyone else?)

I also made my mom a card from a photo my Dad took of us sleeping (or pretending to sleep) when I was little.  It turns out that the original photo was actually taken on Mother's Day! How cool is that!
I Love you Mom!

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