brooklyn bonanza {part three}

Our last day was great great wonderfully great.  We started the day the only way a day should be started. . . With a pizza-off!

There are two pizza places right across the street from each other next to the train where our friends live.  Justin had always wanted to figure out who makes the best plain slice and there's no better time than the present, right?

First was Tony's Pizza. 
Oh man, it was crispy-cheese-greasy heaven! 
Second was Carmine's Pizzeria. Only judging from the plain slice Tony's beat Carmine's fair and square.  But Andrew decided to mix it up once we crossed the street, and got a Sicilian slice, holy crapola was it good. I don't normally like thick crust on pizza, but this was delicious.  In the end I think the final consensus was just about any pizza place in New York is better than just about any pizza place in Chicago. . . hands down.

Dana wasn't feelin' too well so she headed back home after pizza, and the rest of us journeyed into the city.

We spent almost all of our time in Manhattan in Central Park.  The Man was too young to remember the time he went to New York, and I only remember getting lost in Central Park when I came to the city with my parents in high school, so, in some way it was a shinny new experience for the both of us.

And it was a blast.
 (The Man thought this was just too funny to pass up)
I was shooting pictures left and right and I wanted to take more pictures of the carousel, but Andrew and Justin told me I was being too creepy, so I stuck to the iron work
We happened upon a great performance by this blues band, I can't remember their name, but I wish I could because they were wonderful.  We kept a tally of all the musical performances we saw along our walk, I think by the end of the day we were up to 4 or 5 (including a pan-flute band of course)
We exited the park so we could take a gander at the Guggenheim, but you had to buy a ticket to see the inside, so we stuck to the exterior.
 I've only ever seen a dog walker with this many dogs on a cartoon.  It was hilarious to see how the dogs interact with each other, how all the little guys stick to the back and try not to trip over each other, while the big pups lead the way.
I just had to get a picture of this statue.  I'm going to have to get Briana's help with this but I'm pretty positive that it's on one of the segues on Friends (you know when they're changing scenes and it's just video of a random New York building). I'm I right?

Well, after all that walking we were pretty famished.  We had already gone to three pizza places since we got to New York, so it was time for a different well known NYC food . . .

The Jewish Deli.
We did a little phone research on our way past the Met, I was hoping to go in but there was a red carpet in the way for, you know, the Met Ball, no big deal.  When it came down to it we decided to go with a well known classic, and boy were we glad we did.
We walked in and were instantly confused.  They give you a ticket and then you shmush into any space available at the counter to give your order.  We saw the prices for the sandwiches and almost turned right back around, but then thought we'd at least get one sandwich and share it.  The man behind the counter started making it and gave us a slice of pastrami to try and




Yeah, this sandwich is completely worth $16.00 
Deep in Pastrami Bliss

And to top of any New York experience we saw a celebrity. 
Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development.
 Oh Katz's, I think I love you, and I'm so sad I had to leave you.
(cutest pup!)

We had the best time in New York, and I can't wait to go back!!

Thanks Dana, Justin, and Nick!!!!

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  1. I'm pretty sure you are right, but I couldn't find any proof... I might have to watch some FRIENDS tonight!


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