terrible timing

Oh the irony.  Oh the sadness.  Oh the cheese.

I recently came across an awesome website.  It's called Grilled Cheese Social.
I also recently became Lactose Intolerant.
And now you understand the tittle of this post.

At first it came on slowly, I'd feel just a tad gross after eating something super cheesy or cream based, but never anything bad enough to stop eating dairy all together.  It grew little by little over the past year, until BAM! July 19th 2011, our building had an Ice Cream Social and I went waaaaaaaay overboard.  So now I'm trying to live a cheese-less life, and just when I had it under control I found Grilled Cheese Social.

Here are some of the recipes I'm drooling over
 (It was way too hard to narrow it down so I picked out 5 of my favorites)

Bee Sting (remix)
- about 4 slices fresh mozzarella
- 2 hearty slices of a Bâtard
- 5 slices of sopressata picante
- 1 tbs of red pepper flaked butter
  (combine 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
   with one tablespoon of real salted butter, MIX)
- 1 tbs of basil infused honey
  (fresh basil leaves and tupelo honey, OF  

Marco Polo
-2 slices of Texas toast
-1 cup of shredded manchego
-1 lime wedge
-1 tbs of pickled jalapenos
-1 ear of roasted corn
-1 tbs of smoked chile butter
  (combine 2 pats of unsalted butter, a pinch garlic
   salt, 1 tsp smoked paprika, & 1 heaping tsp chile

The Badger Poutine
- 12 Wisconsin Cheese Curds
- a handful of french fries
- 1.5 tbs of brown gravy
- 2 pats of unsalted butter
- 2 slices of beer bread
  (1 dark beer, room temp, 3 cups of
   self rising flour, 3 tbs of sugar,
   1 pinch of salt, a few sprays of pam)"

She even makes dessert Grilled Cheeses

The (F)unemployment Special
- 2 thin slices of pound cake
- a few slices of brie
- 1/2 tbs fig spread
- 1 small rosemary sprig - chopped
- 1 pat of butter"

And last but most certainly not least.  The one that makes me curse my intolerance the most. . . 

The Khalcheesi
- 1/2 cup Iberico cheese
- 2 thinly sliced pieces of ciabatta
- 2 pats of salted butter
- 1 tsp of garlic salt
- 1 sausage stuffed baby pepper (PLEASE DO
   (stuffed with one ground sausage patty, 1 tbs
   of iberico cheese, a bit of fresh parsley, drizzled 
   with olive oil and baked for 40 minutes at 350)


So, do me a favor.  If you love cheese, and your body can break it down, go to this site, pick out your favorite, make yourself a cheesy treat, and tell me how it was!
I need to live vicariously!!!

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  1. Oh I don't know that last one looks like it might be worth the risk - take two "lact-me-nots" and call me in the morning. That Badger thing is grotesque. And if it says "texas" anything, count me out. But I'd chance it with the "Bee Sting" too. I don't know what Sopressata is but it looks awesome mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe we could split one?


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