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I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Especially those of you who still had to labor on Monday.  I had Monday off and let me tell you it was glorious! We tried to go on a day trip, the destination was a bit of a bust but the drive is always the best part anyway. Well, now that we're back in the swing of things I thought I tell you about last Thursday, when I Finally got back to the Farmer's Market!!!!!

It's been forever, It's been 2 whole months, but I was Finally able to go.  I was so excited I wanted to get everything, but instead I was good and kept to my 20$ limit.

Everything Bagels



Fresh Dill

Bell Peppers (that's 7 of them!!)

Golden Beets

Pepper Corn Asiago Bread

All this for 17 bucks!!!! 

(those 7 bell peppers were only 4 dollars, it's the best deal at the market and i'm so glad they're in season again)

We used the tomato, onions and dill to make chicken "gyros" (we were going to get pita but this onion bread looked so good at the store we took a less traditional route).  

The power went out for a bit. . . 
But that didn't stop us!


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  1. OH MY - drool dribble slurp slurp - that looks AWESOME!


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