food week on "where the lovely things are"

One of my favorite blogs to visit every morning is Where the Lovely Things Are.  Right now I'm an even bigger fan because she has devoted this whole week to food! It's Food Week! How fun is that? She'll be blogging about anything and everything food related.  I was really excited by yesterday's post about food books, look at some of the cookbooks she found:

I love cookbooks! My collection is pretty small so far but there are quite a few she mentioned that I'd love to pick up, especially Tart and Sweet: 101 Canning and Pickling Recipes for the Modern Kitchen, I really want to learn how to Pickle things and Can some fruit! My mom told me about Miette, it has pink pages with scalloped edges and the recipes are from the pastry shop in San Francisco, I'm excited to buy it but I'm going to wait until the fall when the corrected version comes out (aparently there were a few mistakes printed).  And can you beleive there is a whole cookbook devoted to PotPies!!?!  I want so many of these! On her blog she lists the name of each book pictured with a link to a place to buy it. She's so helpful!

Head on over to her blog and check out some foodspiration!

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