real life shelves

I got a call from my mom last Thursday.  She had read my post about the built-in bookshelves and said "Hey!  Where are your bookshelves? You talked about them, I want to see them!"  Well, I was going to put them in that post but it was too dark to take the photos by the time I thought about it, so here they are now!

Alright, so I'm not very good at taking care of plants, especially in a room I rarely go into.  I actually totally forgot about that plant until I took these pictures.  oops!

These are the shelves my man installed in our office/studio space.  Floating shelves are so beautiful and clean, I love 'em!

They float above this strange jut-out in the room, I think it's to make room for your forehead when you're walking up the stairs to our apartment.

The shelves are great because they make useful space out of this awkward little corner.

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