wishful wednesdays . . . a day late {walk-in closet}

One thing this Lazy Lady does best is fantasize about the future.  I'm not very good at living "in the now," I'm always thinking about the next recipe we should make, or couch we should buy, or city we'll live in, or job I could have, and where we'll be in 1, 3, 5, or 15 years.  It's not really the healthy way to live, buuuut sometimes I come up with some really great futures. . . 

I mean, come on.  What girl doesn't want her clothes and shoes to have their own beautifully designed room.  They deserve it.  They make you feel good so you need to return the favor and let them live in style.  A walk-in closet would be an absolute dream come true, being able to see every shirt and skirt and shoe, even drawers for undies all laid out like in a Victoria Secret store (too much information?).  I honestly don't know what style I would choose. . .

The Boutique Closet contemporary closet
Something sleek, modern and manly?
This is beautiful but I don't think it would be my go-to look, it's a bit too "suit shop" for a girly girl like me.

Huntington Beach contemporary closet
How about some custom upholstered cushions?
 Doesn't look like enough seat for my tush, but how long do you need to sit in a closet anyway.  I like all the mirrored cabinetry and that fun chandelier. . . would you call that a chandelier? I like the idea of going crazy decorating a small space that no one will really see.  I keep thinking a large closet would be a fun place to go wild with color, but then I realize that you need to be surrounded by neutrals so you can see how you look.  If all your walls were painted bright orange all of the clothes and your skin wouldn't look right.  As much as I understand that my whole closet can't be mango or chartreuse, I have the hardest time letting a room be floor to ceiling white.  I grew up in a technicolor house and I just can't break away from it.  I would have to buy more colorful clothing for pops of color. . .

a little like this closet

The Guests are Coming - Its time to Organize traditional closet
This space is really cute, I love all the open shelving and spot lights for displaying all your cute shoes, jewelry, scarfs, and handbags.  Of course there would have to be a ton of hanging storage behind and to the side of the person taking this photo. 

And then there are Hollywood closets.
I always remember this episode of Will&Grace when Jack sees Karen's closet for the first time.  (Sorry the photos are so fuzzy I took screen shots while watching the episode online).

This closet is as big as my ENTIRE APARTMENT!!!  The wall of shoes.  The chaise lounge.  The fresh flowers.  The gaudy chandeliers.  The immense amount of hanging storage.  I think the pull-out storage in the third photo is an awesome idea, especially if you had a closet with a lot of depth but not a lot of width, as opposed to a closet with a lot of every dimension.  I love having more hanging space then drawer space because then you can see everything and you don't have to worry about the man of the house messin' up all the folded shirts in drawers because he wants the one on the bottom.  

Then there's the clean white, bright, bright, bright look of the closet from the Sex and the City movie.  BEA-utiful.  I think I could go all white for something so shiny!  I love that the first thing you see is the wall of shoes.  Shoes should always be the focal point of a room.    

Childrens Closet - Newport Beach, CA Residence modern closet
How about a large walk-in for the kiddos of the house?
This little girl is one lucky baby.  Could you imagine giving a four year old this much closet space??  This is crazy to someone like me but if you've got the money and the space then go for it!

How about you?  Have too many clothes and not enough closet space?  Do you already have your dream closet?  Want something clean and sleek? Or do you want all your bests on display?
Tell me, I want to know!


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