wishful wednesday {all clawfoot all the time}

I found way too many images of beautiful ClawFoot tubs, I had to give them their own post.

My mom always dreamed of a clawfoot tub.  I remember back in Middle School when I took ceramics I made her a little clawfoot tub out of clay, it's still in my parents' bathroom holding all the beach glass we've collected over the years.  Her love for them was instilled in me at a young age and has only grown stronger as I've gotten older. So as a follow up to last weeks post, here are some beautiful claw foot tubs I've been wishing for:

There are so many colors and styles of feet!

 Classic White
 Chic Black
 Soothing Seafoam
Lovely Lavender
Bright Lime
Antiquey Orange
and Hot Foot-Less Pink (SPIDERMAN!!)

Which one would you choose??? I want them all, maybe I could have a mood-tub that changes into any of these colors whenever I want.  Come on paint scientist! There's chalkboard paint and magnetic paint, where's my Mood Paint!!!!

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