a little holiday catch up

Holy Guacamole, it's New Years Day!

2011 flew by super fast and the holidays went even faster! I was so excited to decorate for the Holidays and do a bunch of Crafty Christmas projects but I was barely home enough to sleep!! Now the year is over but there are so many things I never told you about last year!

Like 5 weeks ago when The Man and I went to California to spend Thanksgiving at his auntie's house...
Thanksgiving night we stood on his aunt and uncle huge porch and watch a gorgeous sunset.  I mean look at that view!!!
And Look at that porch!!
It was so beautiful and warm the whole time we were there (which was a nice change to chilly Chicago). And on the way to the airport we stopped for some lunch and I had my very first . . .
In N Out!
(and I'm sorry Landsberg's, but it wasn't that good)

Then 4 weeks ago I went to Portland for an early Christmas with my parents.  
(These are my favorite out of all the decorations my parents have. It's The Snowman Village!!!)
We decorated the tree 

and went to an awesome show (which I'll tell you about as soon as I figure out to make the video small enough to post!)
It was great to be home, even though it was only for a few days.  Especially since I wasn't going to be spending Christmas at home.

Instead of Portland, The Man and I went to Hawaii for Christmas.  It was my first Christmas away from home, which was hard, but if you're going to spend the holidays away from home Hawaii is the way to go!!!!
And I'll tell you about that next . . .  :)

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