busy weekending

For the most part my weekends are filed with lazyness. Sleeping, snacking, tv-ing, thinking about being productive, and possibly some cleaning. That's just the way I like it, mellow and relaxing.  A way to re-couperate from a hectic work week.  Well, lately it seems as though those days are gone! I've been a busy bee, and it's been great!

Two weekends ago I had a friend in town.  I thought, alright I'll go out a bit, say hello, maybe do dinner and drinks, and then Wooosh I went to Wisconsin for the weekend! Madison to be exact, it's so beautiful there.
A friend of mine grew up in Madison so we stayed at her mom's house and took lot's of walks around town
We stopped into some shops and an antique store we went in had this!...

 On Sunday we drove down to New Glarus to meet up with The Man who is so amazing that he drove all the way up just to bring me back home! EEK!  I Love Him!
Yeah, you read that right "America's Little Switzerland"
 The Restaurant at the New Glarus Hotel was pretty awesome. The Morning Man decided to go for the Sunday Brunch Buffet.  I munched off his plate more than my own, he kept coming back with swiss meatballs, wiener schnitzel, sauerkraut with sausage, and all other non-breakfast swiss food you could think of.  Of course our friends were vegetarian so there wasn't much for them to pick from, it was hilarious watching the waitress' face as Laura asked her what was in the Vegetarian Sandwich, I don't think she had ever been asked that question before.
We didn't have time to stop in at the New Glarus Brewery so we just picked up a mix and match 6 pack.
One Of Each!!

Then this past weekend I thought, ok, well that was a fluke. This time I'll just think about projects I'd like to do, without actually doing them and then Bam I finished three pillows and had a whole day out with The Man!  For our anniversary I made The Morning Man a coupon (the ink actually made it feel all slick like a magazine page so for a second he thought it was real - tee hee).  I know coupons are something that little kids make for their moms and they're for vacuuming and hugs, but this coupon was much better than that, and it was for something I couldn't buy The Man without him being present . . .
(incase you can't read it the black writing says: Limit one pair of boots per person.  Availability may vary depending on store coupon holder would like to visit.  Coupon recipient must drive Coupon creator to preferred store for purchase.) :) 

So that was the plan, Sunday we would use the coupon.  But boy O' boy it turned into so much more, it turned into a perfect Man Day.  We woke up, had a big Sunday breakfast, took naps, watched the Bears game while we waited to get a leak in our tire fixed at Firestone, then headed to Sears to buy some boots.  The boots were on crazy super sale so I had The Man add some Carhart stuff to his coupon purchase, and on the way to the checkout stand we grabbed an awesome impulse buy, then we went home, ate pork roast for dinner and watched the last Harry Potter. Yeah. Awesome.

Oh and our impulse buy . . .
 Each cup is a 1/2 LB! It's Amazing!! And way too much, we've only finished 1 cup so far!

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