babies babies babies

Everybody is having babies!

How did this happen?
The wedding invites are starting to dwindle and they've been replaced with baby announcements!

My mom has always been an amazing home-made gift-giver.  Every newborn has received a baby quilt and sometimes a little something extra (like an awesome stuffed dinosaur). Now that I’m an “adult” I can no longer sign my name to my mom’s beautiful gifts, so it’s time to start contributing something of my own.  

Back in the beginning of the summer a family friend of ours had a little baby boy.  So when my mom told me she was working on her quit I kicked it into high gear and made the little peanut a hooded towel.  I always loved mine when I was little, and babies look so darn cute in them.

When I was searching the World Wide Web for inspiration all I could really find were solid colors and a few ducks, so I pulled out some post-its and drew up some ideas.
The idea that got me most excited was the hippo so I headed over to The Needle Shop and bought some blue gingham and got to work making the bias tape.
cut, sew, iron, cut, sew, iron, cut, sew, iron, cut, sew, iron
I did one more drawing to figure out the details of the hippo's face and then got to work putting all the pieces together

Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of it before I sent it out, but here are a few slightly blurry ones of the final product.
I LOVE the way it turned out!
And now that there are a few more little babes in my life it’s time to get crackin’.

p.s. here's that little peanut in the towel. 

Oh geez! What a cutie!

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