turkey day mani

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The Man and I are in California for Turkey Day, we're enjoying the sun and trying not to let our colds put a damper on our vacation.

This year I got some inspiration for my thanksgiving nails from @mllrdesign's argyle nail design.
I used single chevron NailVinyls (which are basically pre-cut tape for doing lines) for the initial diamond shapes and then went free-hand from there.  The NailVinyls make things go so much faster, I ordered a few different ones (i.e. circles, straight lines and zigzags) so I'm looking forward to incorporating them into future designs.
I wasn't sure what to do with the pinky nail, and I wish I had just covered the whole nail in pink glitter polish, but once I realized I wanted to change them we were already on the plane to LA.
Have a wonderful day with your family and friends!
Gobble Gobble!

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